Matthew Manning

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His Royal Majesty
Matthew Manning
Tsar of Slavstria
Reign 10 March 2014-Present
Coronation 10 March 2014
Predecessor Office established
Born 17 April 1997
Occupation Student
Religion Agnostic

Matthew Manning or Tsar Matthew I is a micronationalist and the first Tsar of Slavstria.

Political and economical views

Matthew Manning's position on the Political Compass

The Tsar has many ideological views chief among them being social democracy and center-left politics. He also has a great distrust of radicalism of any sort be it political, religious, or cultural. The Tsar personally prefers to refer to himself as a moderate as he feels not enough people try to be in the middle anymore.

Religious views

The Tsar was raised (rather loosely) as an Episcopalian but began to recognize himself as an Agnostic in his early teenage years. With this background in religion, the Tsar believes that religions are an important aspect of culture but he also believes that people take them too far too often. The Tsar is largely outspoken against the Westboro Baptist Church and the Church of Scientology.