Tianan People's Police

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Tianan People's Police
Tianisch Volkspoliz

TPP Logo.png

A Safer Tiana Together

TPP Logo and Motto

Founded August 2011
Headquarters Hagleygrad City-Province
General nature Law enforcement
Civilian police
Peoples Commissar for State Security Anthony Fowler
Chief Inspector General Anthony Fowler

Civilan Policing Divisions (PPD) (Uniform)

Space Office (Space Administration)

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) (Detectives)

General information
Jurisdiction People's Commissariat for State Security
Standard weapon Baton

The Tianan People's Police (Volkspoliz) is the Law Enforcement Agency (and branch of the Royal Zealandia Constabulary in The Crown Dependency of Tiana, formerly the DPRT. It is responsible for enforcing criminal law, ensuring public safety, maintaining order and keeping the peace within Tiana


  • Chief Inspector General
  • Inspector General
  • Superintendent
  • Chief Inspector
  • Inspector
  • Lieutenant Inspector
  • Sergeant
  • Watchman
  • Special Watchman


History and founding