State of Thejistan

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State of Thejistan
Coat of arms
Political map of Thejistan displaying administrative divisions
GovernmentPresidential constitutional republic
• 2022 - 2023
Waqiy ibn Ayatch al-Narjid
• 2023
Bakuryochotarurikusho of Hamburgersex 
• 2022 - 2023
Gemini Alzirr
• 2023
Shayne d'Boppe
Thejistani Assembly
United Senate
• Established
6 August 2022
• Transformation into State of Thejia
17 July 2023
• Dissolved
21 December 2023
CurrencyThejistani dollar
De facto
Succeeded by
Federated States of Duvall
Today part ofDuvall

Thejistan, officially the State of Thejistan, also known as the State of Thejia from 17 July 2023 until its dissolution, was a micronation in North America. It originally claimed Bir Tawil from 6 August 2022; the foundation of the micronation by Waqiy ibn Ayatch al-Narjid, until 31 January 2023.

Throughout its history, Thejistan faced a series of conflicts commonly referred to by former government staff as the "Thejistani War on Terror." A majority of these conflicts and events originated on the instant messaging platform Discord. This includes such events as the November 29th Revolution, Operation Pitchfork, and the Bedrocian Coup.

Thejistan was formally dissolved on 21 December 2023 by al-Narjid and the Federated States of Duvall established the following day on 22 December 2023.



Thejistan was founded on 6 August 2022 by al-Narjid. He invited several of his friends to come and hold positions on the early government. Al-Narjid also drafted a constitution which was revised a number of times throughout Thejistan's history.

Bir Tawil era

The Thejistani Bir Tawil era spanned from its foundation until January 2023, in which al-Narjid formally relinquished all Thejistani claims to the triangle, which he later clarified as baseless as no member of Thejistan's government nor its citizens could access the triangle.

Thejistani-Bir Tawili War

On 28 August 2022, al-Narjid declared war on the Union of Bir Tawil, stating that a war would "strengthen the Thejistani claim to the triangle." No real battles were fought, and the Union's leader eventually surrendered and allowed Thejistan to "annex" Bir Tawili territory. The Union's government was merged into the Thejistani legislature as the United Senate.

Relinquishment of Claims to Bir Tawil

On 18 January 2023, al-Narjid published The Current State of the State of Thejistan. In the document he apologized for the inactivity of the Thejistani government, he also said that the government held no intention to claim the Bir Tawil triangle. The United Senate was brought up as a topic in which he said it could continue to operate to unify Bir Tawil micronations.

This would also mark the beginning of an era of political liberty, and the first political party, Hamburgersex, led by Gemini Alzirr, would be granted full party status of 27 January 2023.

On 29 January 2023, the Thejistani Assembly was convened to vote on whether or not Thejistan should officially relinquish Bir Tawil and move to a newly selected location in West Virginia. The Assembly came to a concluding vote of 3 in full favor of the original border and one vote suggesting that a segment that juts out "5 miles west" would be added, the segment was added and the vote passed on 31 January 2023. The segment would later come to be governed by Hamburgersex and the territory named after the party.

Operation Pitchfork

Operation Pitchfork is described as a Thejistani military operation and as a Discord raid against a server that allegedly harbored "anti-Wackist" individuals. In order to protect Thejistani interests, al-Narjid would convene with several Thejistani government officials and also establish connections with other entities, such as the Luigi Cult. The joint forces would join the server and, through one of the administrators, be granted permissions to delete channels.

According to one participant, a total of three channels remained before the other administrators retaliated and banned all participants.

Bedrocian Coup

The Mighty Principality of Bedrock
Motto: "Sponsored By Marlboro Cigarettes"
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentTotalitarian dictatorship
• President de Facto
"Fred Flinstone"
Coup d'etat 
• Coup d'etat
29 April 2023
• Flinstone government overthrown
6 May 2023

During a convention of the Thejistani Assembly, on 29 April 2023, Bakuryochotarurikusho of Hamburgersex, Gemini Alzirr's account was hijacked and changed to Fred Flintstone, intentionally misspelled as "Fred Flinstone," and began to block the legislation being discussed, which concerned the establishment of diplomatic relations with the State of Hokoria. They had claimed they had taken over the Hamburgersex party and were holding Alzirr hostage. Flinstone began to kick foreign diplomats from the Discord server and muted anyone who spoke out against the course of action. They would then declare that they were outraged that Thejistan was attempting to become allies with "lesser nations." In the same declaration, they said: "From this moment on. We are one. We are only. We are Bedrock," creating a new government.

This initiated a civil war on 30 April 2023 in which those loyal to the al-Narjid administration fought against the Flinstone government to reclaim the seat of government in the Thejistani Discord server. On 6 May 2023 Gemini gained control back to their account and aided in reverting the changes made during Flinstone's administration.

The conflict would result in the creation and ratification of the Domestic Integrity Act and the establishment of the Bolsaak Territory.

Politics and government


The legislature of Thejistan consists of a congress called the Thejistani Assembly, and the United Senate. The Thejistani Assembly consists of political party leaders, executive ministers, and anyone else appointed to the Assembly.

The United Senate was originally intended to be a Thejistani-based operation aimed to create unity among micronations that claimed Bir Tawil, but the objective was dissolved after the relinquishment of claims to Bir Tawil. The Senate is the only organ of Thejistan's government to have held public elections. The only election, which was held in April of 2023, had only one candidate who received zero votes.


The executive branch of Thejistan's government consisted of the President of Thejistan and the Minister of Kra. Both offices had free will to appoint and expel judges from their positions, and to create and dissolve executive ministries.

Law and order

Court in Thejistan was handled by the Supreme Court of Thejistan, which was overseen by the Supreme Judge. Nearly all law in Thejistan was governed by the Constitution and the Laws and Rights of the People.

The only person to ever assume the position of Supreme Judge was Gemini Alzirr, who once prosecuted the Ministry of Kra on grounds of harboring what was described as enemies of the state within a private Discord server the Minister of Kra had been maintaining at the time.

Foreign relations

Thejistan had held embassies withing both the Kingdom of Salanda and State of Hokoria's Discord servers. Both would become either unmaintained or abolished.

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