State of Thejistan

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State of Thejistan
Flag of Thejistan.svg
Coat of arms of Thejistan Aug 2022.png
Coat of arms
Motto: "Ex arena ad infintas"
"From sand to infinity"
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentPresidential constitutional republic
• President
LegislatureThejistani Assembly
• Declaration
6 August 2022
• Claim to Bir Tawil relinquished
31 January 2023
• Relocation to West Virginia
31 January 2023
• Estimate
0 (residing)
• Census
10 (Aug 2022)
CurrencyThejistani dollar
Time zoneUTC+2
• Summer (DST)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright

Thejistan, officially the State of Thejistan, is a micronation in North America. It originally claimed Bir Tawil 6 August 2022; the foundation of the micronation by its first president who goes under the online alias "WackyH", until 31 January 2023. The first version of the constitutional was drafted on 7 August 2022 and the latest draft was published on 24 January 2023.


The name "Thejistan" takes the commonly used -istan suffix, meaning "land" or "land of", so the name was intended to mean "Land of the J" as a small joke among the members of Thejistan's government.


WackyH Administration

WackyH founded Thejistan and claimed Bir Tawil triangle on 6 August 2022. A constitution was drafted and revised twice over the span of the following 3 days to August 9. On August 8 several government officials were then appointed to the offices of the Minister of Kra, Supreme Judge and Head of the Armed Forces, and seats in the Thejistani Assembly.

On August 9 the Assembly issued a travel advisory not to go to the Netherlands.

On August 11 the Head of the Armed Forces designed a coat of arms for Thejistan and the design was approved, he went on to also make several designs for orders (medals).

Thejistani-Bir Tawili War

On 28 August 2022, President WackyH declared war on the Union of Bir Tawil, stating that a war would "strengthen the Thejistani claim to the triangle". At least three "battles" were fought using online game platform ROBLOX to simulate armed conflict. The war remained un-armed through all of September, but in the early hours of 29 October 2022, discussion for peace began to open up between Thejistani and Bir Tawili officials.

After nearly an hour of discussion back and forth between leaders of both countries, Bir Tawil's leader unconditionally surrendered and WackyH declared an "annexation" of Bir Tawili lands, bringing an end to the conflict.[1]


On 30 October 2022, all citizens were allowed to form their own political parties with the aid of at least one other person, this restriction was removed on 7 December 2022. On the same day, the Presidential election interval was changed from five years to two years and six months.

On 1 November 2022, new citizenship applications were opened up in the Thejistan Discord server.

Formation of the United Senate

The United Senate of All Bir Tawil, Under Thejistan was formed on 4 December 2022 as an additional legislative body of Thejistan and aimed to unify leaders of micronations that claimed Bir Tawil. The former leader of the Union of Bir Tawil had became a citizen of Thejistan and was assigned to be the leader of the Senate.

January 2023 and the Relinquishment of Bir Tawil

On 18 January 2023, President WackyH published a document he wrote called The Current State of the State of Thejistan. In the document he apologized for the inactivity of the Thejistani government, he also said that the government held no intention to claim the Bir Tawil triangle, and instead to hold it as a symbol of Thejistan. The United Senate was brought up as a topic in which he said it could continue to operate to unify Bir Tawil micronations.

The first political party, called Hamburgersex, was created and made an official party by the Thejistani Assembly on 27 January 2023.

On 29 January 2023 the Thejistani Assembly was called to vote on whether or not Thejistan should relinquish Bir Tawil and move to a new selected location in West Virginia in North America. The Assembly came to a concluding vote of 3 in full favor of the original border and one vote suggesting that a segment that juts out "5 miles west" would be added, the segment was added and the vote passed on 31 January 2023.

Politics and government

The government of Thejistan consists of a congress called the Thejistani Assembly, which is in charge of all legislature in the country, the President of Thejistan, the Ministers, and different government officials get a vote in the Assembly. Ministers are assigned by the President and can be dismissed at any time with proper reasoning. The President is limited to a 2 year and 6 month term but can re-run in any future election.

The Minister of Kra essentially acts as a right-hand man or assistant to the President while not serving as a full Vice President since that position and office do not exist.

Law and order

Court in Thejistan is handled by the several courts overseen by the Supreme Judge. Nearly all law in Thejistan is governed by the Constitution of Thejistan and the Laws and Rights of the People of Thejistan.

When a person is prosecuted and taken to a court, they are put on trial with evidence presented to the judge, the judge then makes a decision on if the person put on trial should be jailed or not with the assistance of a small jury. The Constitution says that one put on trial is innocent until proven guilty, but also states that a judge must assume all accusations made against the defendant are true.

Foreign relations

The government of Thejistan has not opened any kind of diplomatic relation or mission with any other micronation, stating that they are still in their early stages and need time to organize a proper diplomatic office.


The military of Thejistan consists of the Thejistan Armed Forces, with the Head of the Armed Forces in charge of the branch.

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