Union of Bir Tawil

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Bir Tawil, formally the Union of Bir Tawil, was a micronation which was founded on 19 June 2022 and dissolved on 5 November 2022.

Union of Bir Tawil
Demonym(s)Bir Tawili
GovernmentSemi-presidential republic
LegislatureParliament of Bir Tawil
Establishment19 June 2022
• Census
*0 in Bir Tawili territory, 16 citizens



The Bir Tawil triangle is a territory between the borders of Egypt and Sudan that is currently claimed by neither nation. The lack of a claim results from the land claims by Egypt of the 1899 agreement between Egypt and the United Kingdom and the 1902 administrative boundary redrawn by the UK. While this has led to conflict between the two nations regarding the neighboring Halaib Triangle, there is in fact no conflict as the two land boundaries results in Bir Tawil being unclaimed, though Egypt administrates the territory.

Previous micronations that have claimed the land area includes the Kingdom of North Sudan and several others.


The Union of Bir Tawil was founded on the 19th of June, 2022. It was founded as a project by people across the world to gain recognition for Bir Tawil. Shortly after, a Provisional Government was established and submissions for the Constitution were opened, with a referendum taking place on June 21. The referendum approved 13 of the proposed 22 Articles.

First Presidential Election

2022 (June) Bir Tawili Presidential Election
Candidate First round votes Percentage Second round votes Percentage
David1961 3 37.5% 5 55.6%
Yothirjgdit 4 50% 4 44.4%
Uno World Champion 1 12.5%


After the Thejistani-Bir Tawili war, in which the State of Thejistan declared war on the Union to "legitimize their claim to the triangle", multiple negotiations were held between leaders of both nations on 29 October 2022. The negotiations eventually led up to the dissolution of the country on 5 November 2022.


The UBT was a semi-presidential republic, with a Constitution having been approved in a referendum on 21 June 2022. The Government was based mostly on Discord, with Reddit and YouTube pages also existing. The Constitution declares that the UBT is a semi-presidential democratic republic.


Although the UBT has not yet had any official censuses, there has been an unofficial poll on the ethnicity of the citizenry:

Demographics, unofficial poll Jun. 2022
Group Number of People Percentage
Asian Americans 3 People 18.75%
Turks 2 People 12.5%
White Americans 2 People 12.5%
Russians 1 Person 6.25%
Koreans 1 Person 6.25%
Mixed Americans 1 Person 6.25%
Latvians 1 Person 6.25%
Indians 1 Person 6.25%
Unlisted 3 People 18.75%

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