Federated States of Duvall

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Federated States of Duvall
Flag of Duvall
Political divisions of Duvall before the First Civil War
Political divisions of Duvall before the First Civil War
GovernmentDe facto one-party dictatorship
• 2023 - 2024
Waqiy al-Narjid
Leader of Hamburgersex 
• 2023 - 2024
Gemini Alzirr
Minister of Kra 
• 2023 - 2024
LegislatureDuvallestinian Congress
Duvallestinian Assembly
• State of Thejistan dissolved
21 December 2023 =
• Duvall established
22 December 2023
• Nepetian coup
19 May 2024
Preceded by
Today part ofLand of Leijon Cragflors Apiarsex Terræ

Duvall, officially the Federated States of Duvall, or sometimes improperly referred to as Duvallestine or Duvallestein was a micronation in North America. It was established on 22 December 2023 and considered itself to be the successor state to the State of Thejistan, which was dissolved a day prior on 21 December 2023 by its President, Waqiy ibn Ayatch al-Narjid, who was also the incumbent President of Duvall.

The country started a decline after facing the aftermath of a minor schism that occurred due to a breach of government official, Gemini Alzirr's, Discord account by a user going by "Captain K'nuckles" who overthrew the state government of Hamburgeflorosapiarsex and attempted to do the same to the state government of Crag, before being "dealt with" by high-ranking military official Naomi Manera. Gemini would then regain access to their account and reformed Hamburgeflorosapiarsex into Barbequebaconburgerhyperflorosapiarsex.

It was made up of two major administrative divisions, the State of Crag, and Barbequebaconburgerflorosapiarhypersex. The nation was situated on the border of the U.S. states of Virginia and West Virginia, retaining the old borders of Thejistan, including the Atlantic Ocean territory of Bolsaak.


Founding myth

According to a text file dated 2015 in the possession of Gemini Alzirr, a prominent figure in Duvallestinian politics, a great war once took place between the forces of good and evil, the former represented by Markiplier, and the latter represented by Shrek. Upon the rediscovery of this text, Markiplier has since been regarded as the founder of the Market-Federalists, the oldest political faction Duvall can trace its origins to.

Historical foundation

Duvall's President cites the reason he founded the micronation being that its predecessor state, Thejistan, was facing a period of stagnation and had already been stained with a bad image through such operations such as Thejistan having first claimed Bir Tawil before relocating to Duvall's current location, and namely Operation Pitchfork. Thejistan was officially dissolved on 21 December 2023 and Duvall founded the next day under a revised version of the Thejistani constitution which had been modified to replace all mentions of Thejistan to Duvall, along with some miscellaneous changes.

Civil war

Duvallestinian Civil War
Date12 February 2024
Result Hamburgeflorosapiarsex reformed into Barbequebaconburgerflorosapiarhypersex
Creation of the Nesut Biti Autonomous Territory
K'Nucklespiratemania Duvall Global Oceanic Cooperation Organization
Commanders and leaders
Captain K'Nuckles  Waqiy ibn Ayatch al-Narjid
Aaron I
Asa Ward
Willow Cizdeizd

On 12 February 2024, al-Narjid was representing Duvall to an online convention orchestrated by the Global Oceanic Cooperation Organization concerning Duvall's ascension to the organization. Shortly after Duvall was officially admitted, it was made apparent that the leader of Hamburgeflorosapiarsex's account had been breached by a user only known under the self-designated alias of Captain K'Nuckles. This was declared a hostile takeover of a state government and al-Narjid immediately launched negotiations. The members present at the GOCO convention, the Minister of Kra, and K'Nuckles, would be invited to a voice chat by al-Narjid to discuss such negotiations. Al-Narjid proceeded to start streaming a map of Duvall's administrative divisions and would begin making changes to it and repeatedly asked K'Nuckles if it would be enough to step down from his takeover and return access of the account. Perceptual borders of the state of Crag continued to shrink before K'Nuckles ceased to speak and the leader of Hamburgeflorosapiarsex returned to their account.

The conflict lasted less than an hour and is often compared to the 2023 Bedrocian coup of Thejistan, in which the leader of Hamburgersex's account was breached by a user under the alias of Fred Flinstone who attempted to take over the entire Thejistani government through power in Hamburgersex.

Second civil war

Huge War of Duvall
Date16 April 2024 - 19 May 2024
Result Barbequebaconburgerflorosapiarhypersex takes over Crag
Dissolution of the nation and all of it's territory
Creation of Land of Leijon Cragflors Apiarsex Terræ
Barbequebaconburgerhyperflorosapiarsex Crag
Commanders and leaders
Gemini Alzirr (MIA)
Nepeta Cecropia Leijon
Waqiy ibn Ayatch al-Narjid
Units involved
1 0

After the prior civil war, the inner workings of Duvall never recovered, and on April 16, 2024, President al-Narjid was labelled as several explicit things by Gemini Alzirr. The singular citizen of the nation, Johann.NSG, would pledge loyalty to Barbequebaconburgerhyperflorosapiarsex. Shortly after announcing the war, according to the testimonies by the Minister of Kra and eye-witness Kabloey M., the person known as "Gemini Alzirr" would disappear, and a new figure, named "Nepeta Cecropia Leijon" would take their place. And a month later, after no pushback from President al-Narjid whatsoever, the nation was overtaken by Nepeta on May 19th, 2024, after which it was very quickly dissolved by her, with plans to create a much better, perfect nation.


The government of Duvall officially describes the culture of Duvall as "Thejo-Duvallestinian," as it takes roots in Thejitan and has adapted to the political and social climate in Duvall.


Duvall officially recognizes two unique calendars invented by prominent figures in Duvallestinian politics. Such as the Wackic and Alzirrin calendars. The Wackic calendar is described by the Duvallestinian government as an 8 month calendar with 208 days, it was created by Waqiy al-Narjid in January of 2023. The Alzirrin calendar was created by Gemini Alzirr in December of 2023 and was subsequently recognized by the government of Hamburgeflorosapiarsex until its dissolution. All months in the Alzirrin calendar have 31 days, except for Extramonth, which has 23.

Months of the Wackic calendar
Month No. of days
Wacksmonth 27
Twosmonth 26
Thejmonth 26
Shaftmonth 26
Logsmonth 26
August 26
September 26
October 25
Months of the Alzirrin calendar
Nintendo Shitmonth
New Numazäit


National government

Duvall is a federal constitutional presidential republic, led by an elected President every two years and six months. The incumbent President is allowed to run in elections as many times as they desire to except if they have been removed from office. The President is also the executive head of the Duvallestinian Assembly, the upper house of the Duvallestinian Congress. Followed by the Senate, which is the lower house.

The President is advised by the Minister of Kra, who possesses nearly the same amount of executive powers.


The constitution of Duvall establishes a national court led by a Supreme Judge, which has yet to have an individual to serve its position.

Administrative divisions

Duvall is divided between two main administrative divisions and one territory: Crag, Hamburgeflorosapiarsex, and Bolsaak. The former two being States in mainland Duvall and Bolsaak being a territory in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Constitution of Duvall states neither Crag nor Hamburgeflorosapiarsex can be abolished or dissolved as States. New States can be admitted into the country by an affirmative resolution of both chambers of the Duvallestinian Congress.

Flag Name Officials
State of Crag Bumbiddy of Crag,
Absolute State of Hamburgeflorosapiarsex, Ministry of Alzirr, e-Sports Team, and Concentration Camps, Sanctioned by the Divinity, Under One
Flower Guy of Hamburgeflorosapiarsex,
Gemini Alzirr
Bolsaak None

Foreign affairs

Duvall is a member state of the Global Oceanic Cooperation Organization, having been granted accession on 12 February 2024.

Duvall maintains a digital embassy within a channel on the State of Hokoria's WeAreHokoria Discord community.