National symbols of Duvall

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The "Star of Our Holy Lord Markiplier, thy Founder of thy Market-Federalists who fought in the legendary War of Good and Evil", national seal of Duvall

The national symbols of the Federated States of Duvall are the symbols and iconography that identify the people, government, and other facilities of Duvall.


The flag of the Federated States of Duvall was designed by Gemini Alzirr on the day of Thejia's dissolution. It features a tricolor of the red, green, and yellow used in the second flag of Thejistan, and a black hoist that recedes into two triangles as they reach the middle of the flag. The meanings of the colors remain the same. Inside of the black hoist is the "Star of Our Holy Lord Markiplier, thy Founder of thy Market-Federalists who fought in the legendary War of Good and Evil."

Flag of Duvall
See adjacent text.
Flag of Duvall
Adopted 22 April 2023
Designed by Gemini Alzirr

Historical flags

The old flag of State of Thejistan went through three designs before the dissolution of the country and transformation into Duvall. The first one consisted of two thin green bars on the top and bottom of a white field consisting of a yellow triangle, touching both the left end of the flag and the ends of the green bars, pointing at a blue five-pointed star which is on the right of the flag. It was designed by Thejistan's only President, Waqiy ibn Ayatch al-Narjid. He provided no meaning to the colors or arrangements of the shapes save for him mentioning that the yellow triangle stood for Thejistan's claim on the Bir Tawil triangle, which was relinquished in January of 2023. The flag was retired in favor of a new flag designed by the Bakuryochotarurikusho of Hamburgersex on 27 April 2023.

The aforementioned second flag kept the two green bars but instead filled the previously white field with a split of dark red and yellow. In the middle lay a white five-pointed star, which lay below a black and upside-down five-pointed star. To the right of the stars was a dark gray crescent. Meaning was provided by the Bakuryochotarurikusho of Hamburgersex, who said:

the yellow represents the nations origins in ir tawil bumfuck nowhere and the red represents the blood of wsr the led to flag change, The white star Thejistan The black star totally real Microstate Hamburgersex

— Gemini Alzirr

The third and final flag of Thejistan, now as Thejia, was adopted in a declaration made by al-Narjid on 17 July 2023 and remained unchanged until Thejia's dissolution in December. It featured bisecting fields of dark blue and red behind a cropped portrait of James Reed. The flag was initially used in an unrelated alternate history Discord server known as Political Simulation United States History, or PSUSH. The user who first posted the flag has since been deleted and remains unknown.

Flag Date(s) used Designer
7 August 2022 - 27 April 2023 Waqiy ibn Ayatch al-Narjid
27 April 2023 - 17 July 2023 Gemini Alzirr
17 July 2023 - 21 December 2023 Unknown PSUSH member

Star of Our Holy Lord Markiplier

The Star of Our Holy Lord Markiplier, thy Founder of thy Market-Federalists who fought in the legendary War of Good and Evil, simply the Star of Our Holy Lord Markiplieror the Star, is the official national seal of Duvall. It was designed by Gemini Alzirr after carefully studying both contemporary Duvallestinian history and crafting an "ancient legend" warranting Duvall's sovereignty. Its name comes from the ancient Duvallestinian legend in which Markiplier, representing the forces of Good, fights Shrek of the forces of Evil, in an epic battle. The design is loosely based off of the center-piece of the second flag of Thejistan in which there are two stars overlapped on one-another, but this time being three-pointed instead of five-pointed.