The Bobbygrad Pact

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Federation of Anti Weg Nations
Flag of Fawn.png
Flag of the Pact
FormationNovember 16th 2021
TypeMicronational Pact
Purposeto cripple or eradicate Wegmat and it's culture
Fawn Chief of staff
Vladimir Baruh

the Federation of Anti Weg Nations was formed on November 16, 2021 because of the growing power of Wegmat. it is also called the Bobbygrad Pact because the founding members met in Bobbygrad to create the organization.

Member States

Flag State join Date
GDoW Flag.png Confederation of Weimar November 16th 2021
Flag of Kapreburg 2020.svg Empire of Kapreburg November 16th 2021

Fpr flag.png

Free Philmont Republic November 16th 2021
FlagOfSoda.png Bicarbonate of Soda November 16th 2021
Kingdom of Levare flag.jpg Kingdom of Levare 7 February 2022
Ephraim flag.jpg Kingdom of Ephraim 1 March 2022