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Name Nation Start of Term End of Term Notes
As Indepedent Economical Union
Piotr Harniakiewicz New Nerdystan.png Nerdystan 20 October 2018 22 January 2019
Brandon Mierzwa Grand Matachewanian Flag.png Matachewan 4 March 2019 13 March 2019 Unofficial
As Cupertino Alliance
Jayden Lycon Flag of Aenderia.svg Aenderia 10 March 2019 1 June 2019
William Efton Flag of Aenderia.svg Aenderia 28 January 2020 15 February 2020
Jayden Lycon QaflananFlag.png Qaflana[a] 15 February 2020 15 February 2021
Simon Reeve Aenopia flag.svg Aenopia 15 February 2021 Present

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