Sorrenian general election, December 2014

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Sorrenian general election, December 2014
8 out of 14 seats to the National Assembly
December 4, 2014
Turnout 71%
Majority party Minority party Third party
TCline.png Lewiss.png
Leader Miles of Sorrenia Trystan Cline Eren Lewis
Party People's Coalition Opposition Fascist
Last election first election under new system first election under new system first election under new system

Incumbent Prime Minister
Matthew Bollands
People's Coalition

Prime Minister-elect

The December 2014 Sorrenian General Election is due to take place on Thursday the 4th of December in the Sorrenian Federation. It will be the first election to be held under the new, revised system which was put into place on the 30th of November 2014. The election will decide the occupants of 8 of Sorrenia's 14 National Assembly seats - with the remaining seats being made up of 4 directly elected posts and 2 hereditary seats. The main two political forces in the election were the leftist "People's Coalition" (which has dominated Sorrenia politically since it's inception) and the conservative "Opposition of the Sorrenian Federation" group.

The election was from the onset controversial, due to both the new voting system and the emergence of a third political movement, the Sorrenian Union of Fascists onto the Sorrenian political stage. The Sorrenian President, Alexei Janiszewski, came under fire from opponents for attempting to block the Fascists from standing due to accusations of anti-semitism.


Electoral reforms

On the 30th of November, political reforms suggested by Maoist leader Harry Fitzpatrick were swiftly implemented after gaining support from Workers Party leader Miles of Sorrenia and President Alexei Janiszewski. Despite this, these reforms came in during a planned election under the old, which was cancelled as a result. Therefore a new election was announced to take place on the 4th of December, 5 days after the terminated election which had been previously scheduled.

Political climate

The political climate in Sorrenia, traditionally a staunchly leftist nation, had been shifting for some time, especially with the emergence of a united, right-wing opposition bloc. As well as this the election took place only days after the dissolution of the Sorrenian National Party, an attempt to create a centrist political force in Sorrenia, evidencing the increasing polarization of the nation's politics. Controversially, the far-right - always a fringe force in such a left-dominated nation, organised around the newly founded Sorrenian Union of Fascists, which also managed to gain defectors from the Opposition. The formation of this new party sparked outrage among some in the Sorrenian political establishment - especially the New Democratic Party leader and President of Sorrenia Alexei Janiszewski, who attempted to have the party banned.

Despite this, the People's Coalition shows no signs of weakening, and the Coalition (and in particular the SWP) retain a high level of support among Sorrenians. The other parties of the coalition also seem to be fairing relatively well, the Maoist CPSF party formally endorsed the coalition and pledged to fight for every last vote, whilst the Social Democratic NDP has drawn both support and condemnation who it's fierce attacks on the new far-right party.



Alliance Party Name Emblem Leader Seats before election Seats after election Seats change
People's Coalition 'Sorrenian Workers Party SWP.png Miles of Sorrenia 7 5 11px-Decrease2.svg.png 2
Communist Party of the Sorrenian Federation Cpsflogo.png Harry Fitzpatrick 2 4 11px-Increase2.svg.png 2
New Democratic Party of Sorrenia NDP logo.jpg Andrew Janiszewski 2 2 11px-Steady2.svg.png 0
Opposition Sorrenian Party for Freedom and Democracy Fdp.jpg Trystan Cline 2 1 11px-Increase2.svg.png 1
Sorrenian Commonwealth Party Commonwealth Party.jpg Richard of Burnham 1 0 11px-Steady2.svg.png 0
Third Party Sorrenian Union of Fascists 11111Stan.jpg Eren Lewis 1 0 11px-Decrease2.svg.png 1