Sorrenian Nobility

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The Sorrenian Nobility is a term used to refer to a collection of mostly hereditary titles granted by the Monarch.

Members of the nobility are vested the right to act as local arbitrators of justice and also commonly serve in the Royal Army. Nobles are also some of the few individuals granted the right to act as the King's representative.

More recently, Dukes have been shown preference when being considered for a position on the Royal Court.

Creation Procedure

Royal Titles

King of Sorrenia and Dradelia

King of Amon Lasgalen

Duke of Creton

Dukes and Duchesses

Picture Title Current Holder Granted
Duke of Northumberland Ralph Percy
Duke of Derwent Rilgar Ompastre
Duke of Lancaster Franz, Duke of Bavaria
Duke of Richmond Llewelyn Lawton
High Duke of Hortania Damian Billbrough
Duke of Doppeland Princely Duke of Doppeland
Duchess of Keswick Elizabeth Lewis

 • Duke of Derwent - Situated in the village of Blanchland near Derwent Reservoir, the Duke of Derwent is customarily tasked with the management of grouse shooting throughout the Kingdom

 • Duke of Lancaster - Although the Duchy is currently a royal British title, the Kingdom of Sorrenia assigns the Duchy to Franz, Duke of Bavaria, the current Jacobite heir to the British Throne

 • Duke of Richmond - Along with the Duchy of Creton, the Duchy of Richmond completes the aristocratic presence in Amon Lasgalen

 • High Duke of Hortania - Unique in its status as a High Duchy, the title is a transformation of the position of Emperor in the Hortanian Empire, and is held by Damian Billbrough

 • Duke of Doppeland - The smallest of the Duchies, the title was created to honour the historic Prince of Doppeland who is now the Duke

 • Duke of Keswick -

Earls and Countesses

 • Earl of Millom -

 • Earl of Haverigg -

 • Earl of Kendal -

 • Earl of Ripon -

 • Earl of Westmoreland -

Equivalent Titles