Principality of Prussia

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Principality of Prussia
Fürstentum von Preußen (German)
Coat of arms
Motto: "Suum Cuique"
Anthem: Preußens Gloria
File:United States of America
CapitalRegis Castrum
Official languagesEnglish, German, West Germanic
GovernmentSemi-Constitutional Monarchy
• Princess
Princess Joslynn
• Prince
Prince Justin I
LegislatureInterior Ministry
• Census
Time zone(UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

The Principality of Prussia was founded on 14 August 2012. Some of the symbols used by Prussia are that of the Macronation of Prussia.


The name Prussia derives from the Old Prussians. In the 13th century, "Old Prussia" was conquered by German crusaders, the Teutonic Knights. In 1308 Teutonic Knights conquered the formerly Polish region of Pomerelia with Gdańsk (Danzig). Their monastic state was mostly Germanized through immigration from central and western Germany and in the south it was Polonized by settlers from Masovia. After the Second Peace of Thorn of 1466, Prussia was split into the western Royal Prussia, a province of Poland, and the eastern part, since 1525 called Duchy of Prussia, a fief of the Crown of Poland up to 1657. The union of Brandenburg and the Duchy of Prussia in 1618 led to the proclamation of the Kingdom of Prussia in 1701.

It is currently being used again, as the name of the Principality of Prussia (2012)


Founded on 14 August 2012, Prussia can trace its origins back to the year 2000. The Prince, in middle school at the time, decided to get into maps, and history. A favorite part of history was German history. When Prince Justin I was in the 10th grade, himself under the name King Dameon Fear I and a friend, Joseph Elkins, under the name of King Darius Alucard Silver I, had decided to create a nation, encompassing the area of Europe that there families came from. So, with that, the Empire of Dominio was born, with both men as monarchs. Time went on, and Joseph decided against it, and Dominio was no more. AS time went on, Prince Justin I, still wanting to lead a country, set up the Principality of Prussia as what could be considered a modern version of the Empire of Dominio

Empire of Dominio

Founded in 2003, later abandoned in 2010, The Empire of Dominio was a micronation that was run by King Dameon Fear I ( Prince Justin I of Prussia ) and his friend King Darius Alucard Silver . The location came from the two leaders heritage. Darius/ Joseph is Spanish and Dameon/Justin is German, Irish, French, Dutch, Scott, and English. Other European nations ( Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Andorra) were included to give the nation more shape to it, and to include the whole of the Iberian Peninsula.

Bear Flag Republic

Founded in 2005, later abandoned in 2007, the Bear Flag Republic was a micronation founded by Justin I. It was abandoned due to lack of interest in the idea of a micronation, though the Empire of Dominio still existed in Europe.

Government & politics


see Main Article : Prussian Government

The Principality of Prussia is a diarchy. Following Prussia's first constitution, a two-house parliament was formed. The lower house, or Landtag is elected by all taxpayers, who are divided into three classes according to the amount of taxes paid. This allowed just over 25% of the voters to choose 85% of the legislature, all but assuring dominance by the more well-to-do elements of the population. The upper house, which is named the Prussian House of Lords, is appointed by the Prince. He retains full executive authority and ministers are responsible only to him. As a result, the grip of the landowning classes, the Junkers, remain unbroken, especially in the eastern territories. Prussian Secret Police, aid in the conservative government.

Prussian Territories

Currently the Principality of Prussia has five Territories

Flag Territory
File:Scotland-prussia.png Scottish-Prussia
( Schottisches Preußen )
File:Banner of the Prince of Prussia.png Capital District
( Hauptstadtdistrikt )
File:Prussia Brandenburg flag by Neethis 1 vectorized.png North Prussia
( Nord Preußen )
File:Prussia Brandenburg.png West Prussia
( Westpreußen )
East Prussia
( Ostpreußen )


The Principality of Prussia currently has a single colony. It is located in Reno, NV,USA.

Flag Colony
File:Flag of the Colony of Reno.png Reno
( Reno )


Flag Colony
File:De-nscol.png New Swabia

Law & order

The police force in the Principality of Prussia is headed by the princes daughter, Crown Princess Rachel.

Foreign Relations



Constituent Nation of


Historically apart of


Example of the proposed Prussian Combat Uniform (PCU)
File:2012-09-01 13.13.28.jpg
Prussian Battle flag

At the current time, Prussia doesn't have enough citizens to begin a military. Though Prince Justin I does wear the proposed uniform for Prussia

Ribbons of the Prussian Military

Medal Date Use Description
File:StarIronCross.png 2012 Star Iron Cross Awarded for "Gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty"
File:GrandIronCross.png 2012 Grand Iron Cross Awarded for "Extraordinary heroism"
File:218px-D-PRU EK 1914 1 Klasse BAR.svg.png 2012 Iron Cross 1st Class Awarded for "Gallantry in action"
File:218px-D-PRU EK 1914 2 Klasse BAR.svg.png 2012 Iron Cross 2nd Class Commendation medal
File:Iron Cross 2nd Class.png 2012 Iron Cross Second Class Achievement medal
File:Iron Cross 1st class.png 2012 Iron Cross First Class Combat Action Ribbon
File:500px-Prussian Overseas Service Ribbon.png 2012 Prussian Overseas Ribbon Awarded for service in an overseas area

Geography & Climate

Example of Prussian Terrain

Prussian Geographical coordinates:

Latitude: 29.6223, Longitude: -81.8947 29° 37′ 20″ North, 81° 53′ 41″ West

Prussian Altitude

34 m 112 ft

Prussian Climate

Humid subtropical climate  

File:World map of Prussia.png

Above is the location of Prussia, as a whole nation. The White Pin is where the main body of Prussia is located. The Yellow pin is where the Colony of Reno is located, while the black mark on Antarctica is approximately where the Protectorate of New Swabia lies.


Being surrounded on all sides by the United States, has left Prussian Culture largely American.


On 19 September 2012, Prince Justin I authorized Prussia to have a media outlet. is the official source of all Prussian News.