Kingdom of Kemet

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Praa of Kemet



Se Amun (Egyptian) Gift of Amun (English)
Vande Mataram
N/A (split in colonies)
Capital city Thebis
Largest city Thebis
Official language(s) Sanskrit, Arabic, English
Official religion(s) Kemetic religion
Short name Kemet
Demonym Kemetic
Government Praa (Pharaohship)
- High Priest Samrath Harshvardhan Singh Rawlot
- Pharaoh N/A (see government)
Population 3
Currency Raam
Time zone N/A
National sport Mehen
National animal Lion
Patron saint Isis

The Kingdom of Kemet is a Kemetic-neopagan micronation located in North Africa. Of the most "solid" claims, it claims sovereignty over Bir Tawil in North Africa. It also claims to be the Government-in-Exile against the current nation the Union of Bir Tawil, and alleges its roots back to Ancient Egypt.


"Kemet" refers to Egypt in Ancient Egyptian.


Founded by an anonymous individual in 2012, after claming it was the will the god Set. M. Anon claims to have had a series of odd dreams centered around the god Set and Kemetic religion in general.


  • High Priest: Samrath Harshvardhan Singh Rawlot
  • 'Head of Government': Vidhur
  • Advisers: Head Adviser: Burhan Ramadan Bat, many other advisers.