Praetorian Prefecture of Americania

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Praetorian Prefecture of Americania
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Basileia of Imvrassia.png
Coat of Arms

Land of Liberty / Χώρα της Ελευθερίας
North America
Official language(s)English, Greek
Official religion(s)Eastern Orthodox Church
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- Co-Monarchs of ImvrassiaAikaterini I and Stamatios I
- PrefectMagistros Christian
Established1 Jan 2020 as Prefecture
Area claimedTBA
CurrencyImvrassian Drachma
Time zoneUTC-8
National sportFootball
National drinkRed Wine
National animalByzantine Eagle
Patron saintSt. Basil the Great

Americania was a Praetorian Prefecture of the Empire of Imvrassia.


The name of "Americania" is in reference to both the continent in which the Prefecture is located and the largest nation on the continent, the United States of America. The name also references its civilization, or its culture, and the land from which it came.


The motto of the Prefecture is "Land of Liberty" "Χώρα της Ελευθερίας" which is also the motto of the Exarchate of Eleftheria, and of the main nation which makes up the Prefecture in North America, that being the United States of America.


The Praetorian Prefecture was created in early 2020 as a political division within the reorganization of the Empire of Imvrassia. Additional Prefectures were also created at this time, to which territories were divided up according to the geographical location. All political jurisdictions located in North America were provided for under the Prefecture. On 9 August 2020 the Praetorian Prefecture of Americania was abolished due the small activity and influence it exerted on the micronations of the American continent.


The Praetorian Prefecture of Americania is a Prefecture of the Empire of Imvrassia and is ruled by a Prefect who is nominally appointed by the Crown of Imvrassia. The Prefect rules for the length of time as determined by the Regent of the Empire of Imvrassia. Additionally, a Chartoularios is appointed as well to carry out the administrative tasks of the Prefect and the Empire.

Administrative divisions

The Prefecture of Americania is composed of the Exarchate of Eleftheria and the Dutchy of Kalavria. These political divisions make up one of the five different Prefectures of the Empire of Imvrassia.


The culture of the Praetorian Prefecture reflects that of the Exarchate of Eleftheria and the Dutchy of Kalavria, as the culture is based on Greek and American culture, with influences from Europe.


Citizenship is open to the Prefecture of Americania to all those individuals that are above the age of 18 and reside within the political boundaries of the various North American nations (Canada, US, and Mexico) which make up the Exarchate of Eleftheria. And are citizens in good standing and honorable character within their native country.

Citizenship may be requested through the Prefecture's email address of


Citizenship may be revoked or not granted based on the behavior or other reasons so determined by the Exarch as inappropriate for a citizen to engage in. All citizens of the Prefecture are citizens of the Empire of Imvrassia and all laws apply to the Praetorian Prefecture as well.

The Praetorian Prefecture of Americania is wholly and entirely a part of the Empire of Imvrassia and is not associated in anyway with any other nation or entity.