Paloman invasion of Princetin

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Operation Nieve
Part of Princetin conflict
Lords Drain, Morbella, Paloma.jpg
Lords Drain, where Paloman soliders crossed into Princetin
Date17–19 December 2020

Paloman strategic victory

  • Baustralia declares war on Paloma
  • Princetin declares independence
  • Princetin gains legal independence from Baustralia
Flag of Princetin.svg Princetin opposition
Commanders and leaders
3 0
Casualties and losses
0 0

The Paloman invasion of Princetin, known by internal documents as Operation Nieve, was the invasion called the Princetin conflict. On 17 December 2020, Aidan McGrath, President of the Free Socialist State of Paloma had told King John of Baustralia, mother country of the Colony of Princetin that they, referring to the Paloman People's Army, "have crossed the Lord’s drain. They are in Princetin."

Alerted a day before, McGrath, then a Major in the Kingdom's Secret Service Brigade, had mentioned that the Vice President had decided that they may perform a regime change in the Colony. This was treated as an Act of War, and after the Palomans invaded, war was declared on Paloma by Baustralia, under the advice of the Chief of the Defence Staff, First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff, Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff, and the Prime Minister and Adjutant General.

The war declarations have been ignored by the Paloman Government due to Paloma having no diplomatic relations with Bauatralia. Paloma also stated before that they "don't recognize war".


Although de jure a Baustralian colony, Paloma and the revolutionary Princetinites were able to take control of the territory and lays claim on the land.

Baustralia considered the land theirs until referendum was performed to provide for a legal change of hands. It passed with a vote of 3-1-0 (Aye-abstain-nay), with a population of 5, however no body actually voted and voting was assumed by the Baustralian government. It will be released from Baustralian sovereignty on 1 January 2021.

As such, it was considered a win for Paloma in terms of territory change, but a win for Baustralia as a legal route was found to grant independence to the colony.


Legality and legitimacy of the referendum

The Baustralian referendum held has been criticized by some Palomans as illegitimate as no one actually voted in the referendum and the votes were based on people against. This brings to question by some if this is an example of Baustralian gerrymandering.