Paloman People's Army

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Paloman People's Army
Ejército Popular de Paloman (Spanish)
Emblem of the Paloman People's Army
Flag of the Paloman People's Army
Founded20 November 2019
Current form6 March 2020
Service branches
HeadquartersMilitary Commission, Paloma City
Chairman of the
Central Military Commission
Aidan McGrath (General Secretary and President)
Military age16+
ConscriptionCompulsory by law, but usually not enforced
Active personnel7
Reserve personnel14
Foreign suppliers
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The Paloman People's Army (PPA) is the regular armed forces of the Free Socialist State of Paloma (FSSP) and the armed wing of the founding and ruling political party, the Communist Party of Paloma (CPP). The PPA has four major service branches: the Ground Force, Navy, Air Force, and the Space Force. A majority of military units around the country are assigned to one of five theater commands by geographical location. The PPA considers its self as one of the fastest growing and modernizing militaries in micronationalism with its capabilities.


Notable Campaigns

Service branches

Comparison of General caps amongst the branches. Top to bottom; Ground Force Vice Marshal, Navy Fleet Admiral, Air Force General.

Ground Force

The Paloman People's Army Ground Force (PPAGF) is the main branch of the Paloman People's Army responsible for all land-based military operations. It is the de facto army of Paloma.

Naval Force

The Paloman Peoples Army Navy Force (PPANF) is organized into two branches. The Coastal Defense Force which primarily focus on aquatic-based operations and the Marines Force which is the maritime land based force.

Military equipment


The PPA possess a variety of American, British and Belgian sourced equipment and weaponry. Soldiers are mostly armed with indigenous AR-type rifles as the standard issue weapon. Front line troops are issued the Type 15 rifles, however the majority of solders are never provided with firearms. Firearms in the military are only used unloaded at ceremonial events.

Small arms used by Paloman People's Army
Name Origin Type Variant Notes
AR-15 United States Assault rifle
FN P-90 Belgium Submachine gun
M1903 Springfield United States Bolt-action rifle