Colony of Princetin

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Colony of Princetin
Flag of Princetin
Coat of arms of Princetin
Coat of arms
Motto: Industry and Prosperity
Anthem: God Save the King
• Monarch
• Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and the Colonies
Sir Harrison Pickles
• Colonialized
3 December 2020
• Given to Paloma
1 January 2021
• Estimate
CurrencyBoerc (BUB)
Time zoneEST
Date formatdd/mm/yy
Driving sideright
Preceded by
Succeeded by

The Colony of Princetin was a Baustralian colony established on 3 December 2020 by Aidan McGrath. It was formed with the intent of becoming a dominion under the premiership of William Autry and Lord Governorship of Aidan McGrath, who was to be re-instated as Baron Davidson. It was given to Paloma on 1 January 2021.



In June 2020, McGrath pondered the idea of creating a dominion in the Baustralian Empire, separate from the colonies of the same. It would be a unicameral parliamentary constitutional monarchy with McGrath as Governor-General, and a government chaired by a Prime Minister. It would have a legislature separate from the Parliament of Baustralia, different from the colonies which are subordinate to Baustralia.

In December that year, McGrath decided to create the dominion, starting as a colony until a government can be formed under the premiership of William Autry, a nobleman in Kapreburg. This was accepted by the Baustralian crown, and was officialized with the enactment of the Princetin Act and the National Symbols (Princetin) Act.

Princetin conflict

On 16 December 2020, after discussing the Barony of Davidson, McGrath said that a "regime change [in Princetin] may be carried out by my government, with or without my permission." King John responded that annexation is an Act of War, and will be considered a hostile action.

On 17 December, Martel Sims, the Vice President of the Free Socialist State of Paloma, decided to announce his intent to annex the territory for the state. This annexation has yet to be signed off by president Aidan McGrath, and diplomatic talks have commenced to avoid a conflict.

Princetin sovereignty referendum
Do you wish for Princetin to become independent, or remain a Baustralian colony?
Votes %
Yes 3 &10000000000000100000000100.00%
No 0 &100000000000000000000000.00%
Valid votes 3 &1000000000000007500000075.00%
Invalid or blank votes 1 &1000000000000002500000025.00%
Total votes 4 100.00%
Eligible to vote/turnout 5 &1000000000000008000000080%

On 19 December, after talks had gone nowhere, war was declared on Paloma for the government's occupation of the territory. On 21 December, the Baustralian government released the Princetin sovereignty referendum however the legitimacy of the referendum is contested.

National symbols

The Royal Standard of His Majesty the King in right of Princetin

The flag of Princetin, established by the National Symbols (Princetin) Act, is a Baustralian red ensign defaced with the escutcheon of the coat of arms of the colony, in circular form.

The coat of arms of Princetin is defined as an escutcheon Gules, three cinquefoils Proper, a chief Azure issuant a demi-sun in splendour Proper. For a crest, from a wreath of the colours Gules and Azure, issuant a hand Proper holding two axes Proper. A tilted helm, dexter mantled Gules doubled Azure, sinister mantled Azure doubled Gules. For the motto, Industry and prosperity. Above all is the royal crown.

The royal standard, used by King John, consists of the escutcheon in banner form.