Organization of United Emerging States

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Organization of United Emerging States
International organisation

Headquarters Wallaceandria, Archland

Leadership N/A

Official language English

Membership 3 full members states

The OUES, officially the Organization of United Emerging States, was an intermicronational organization founded by the Archland Empire in late 2014 and disbanded later that year. The goals of the organization and its members included attaining recognition from both other micronations as well as macronations.


Members of the OUES had the following goals:

  • eventually to become de facto, and in far future, de jure states;
  • to become as independent as possible from macronations;
  • to increase professionalism and seriousness.


All micronations that fit the following conditions were free to join the OUES:

  • Micronations interested in scientific research are encouraged to join;
  • "Serious" micronations and new country projects.



If any nation would had liked to join OUES, applications were available in .


The OUES was disbanded due to the fallout over elections involving Schamlamzaar on one side and Mancunia and Archland on the other. The disagreement occurred due to Schamlamzaars decision to take power on its own and when election was called on Microwiki (from which their leader was banned) they refused to accept the results. This lead them to quit the organisation and call it a YAMO and attempt to claim copyright on the flag which Archland and Mancunia claimed was in the public domain. This caused Orlyland to also quit over the arguments.

Following this Mancunia and Archland negotiated with the Nollandish Confederacy to absorb the OUES as a sub division which eventually happened.

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