Kingdom of Laconia

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Kingdom of Laconia
Regno de Laconia

Laconia flag1.pngLaconia coa.png

March Onward To Liberty
Marcha Avante A Liberta
Our Land Free Forever
Nostra Terra Libera Sempre
Laconia map1.png
Capital city Galena
Largest city Lansdale
Official language(s) English, Laconian
Official religion(s) none
Short name Laconia
Demonym Laconian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Legislature Parliament
- Upper House Senate (30 seats)
- Lower House House of Commons
Established 13 June 2014
Area claimed approx. 200 sq mi
Population approx. 70,000 residents
Currency Soldi
Time zone Eastern US Time
National sport Chess
National dish Pasta
National drink Water
National animal Dog

Laconia, officially the Kingdom of Laconia (Laconian: Regno de Laconia), is a micronation founded on 13 June 2014. The nation was founded by the current King Joseph I.


The name Laconia comes from the Laconian word laco, which comes from the Latin word lacus, meaning "lake". It was selected by the country's founder, King Joseph I. It was named for Lake Colombia, a large lake within the kingdom's territory.


King Joseph I founded the micronation Laconia on 13 June 2014. This day was the date of a honey moon, which is a Laconian good luck sign. That day was also a Friday and one of the few Friday the Thirteenths occurring on a full moon.


Laconia is a constitutional monarchy. The current king is Joseph I, of the House of Sulio. The King acts as the governor of the Federal District of Galena, which encompasses the capital city of Galena. Currently there is no Prime Minister and there are no members of the Parliament, as no elections have been held yet. There are currently four political parties: The People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Libertarian Party of Laconia (LPL), Republican Party of Laconia (RPL) and the Social Democratic Party (SDP). The Senate consists of 5 Senators to represent each Province. Deputies are elected to the House of Commons by party. If a party received 48% of the popular vote, they would receive 48% of the House, or 96 seats. The Prime Minister is elected by the majority party. The Speaker and the President of the Senate are chosen from their house of Parliament by the Prime Minister.

Laconia Government.jpg


Laconia’s national language is the Laconian language, which is based on Spanish, French, and Italian. There are several holidays observed by Laconians, such as:

  • Founder’s Day, June 13th, celebrating the founding of Laconia.
  • Heritage Day, August 20th, celebrating the Laconian culture.
  • Thermopylae Day, September 10th, celebrating the Spartan victory at the Battle of Thermopylae.
  • Plenilunio Day, any day when a full moon coincides with a Friday the 13th. The next Plenilunio Day is August 13th, 2049.

In Laconia, Friday the 13th is considered a lucky day. A “honey moon”, which is when the moon appears yellow, is also good luck. A honey moon is also depicted on the nation’s coat of arms. As Laconia shares its name with the ancient Greek kingdom of Sparta, Greek culture is a part of Laconia’s culture. For example, in keeping with Greek tradition, Tuesdays are considered unlucky, especially Tuesday the 13th.


The currency of Laconia is a soldi. One soldi is worth 0.59 dollars in US, and 0.35 pounds in the UK. One hundred centavos make one soldi. A corona is ¼ of a soldi, and a fiorino is 1/10 of a soldi. A squelino is worth 1/20 of a soldi. There are also half-soldis and half-centavos, or centimos.

Geography and Climate

Laconia is located in the south-eastern part of Pennsylvania, within the counties of Montgomery and Bucks. The nation experiences a temperate climate, but is mostly wet and sunny in the spring with hot humid summers and cold, snowy winters. The temperatures range from 70° F to 100°F in the summer and -10° F to 50° F in the winter.