Order of the Poppy

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Order of the Poppy
Awarded by the
Principality of Wildflower Meadows
TypeChivalric order
Established31 October 2016
MottoVictoria Concordia Crescit
Awarded for"In recognition of friendship, either personal with the Monarch, or as a gesture to foreign leaders."
StatusCurrently awarded
SovereignHI&SH Princess Hannah
GradesKnight/Lady Companion
Knight/Lady Protector
Knight/Lady Attendant
First induction31 October 2016
Last induction24 Novmber 2022
Total inducteesRecipients: 7
Next (higher)None (highest)
Next (lower)Order of the Daisy

The Order of the Poppy is an order of chivalry in the Principality of Wildflower Meadows, and the highest ranking of the three extant orders. It was founded on 31 October 2016 by Princess Hannah, who is sovereign of the Order.


There are three grades in the Order of the Poppy:

  • Knight/Lady Companion (KCP/LCP)
  • Knight/Lady Protector (KPP/LPP)
  • Knight/Lady Attendant (KAP/LAP)


Knight/Lady Companions (KCP/LCP)

  • HIM Emperor Jonathan I: 31/10/2016
  • Lady Emily, Countess of Eastgate: 24/11/2022
  • HIll.H Lady Tania, Countess of Memphis: 24/11/2022
  • Lady Imani, Countess of Maybridge: 24/11/2022

Knight/Lady Protectors (KPP/LPP)

Knight/Lady Attendants (KAP/LAP)

  • Lady Laura, Countess of Maybridge: 11/4/2017
  • Lady Stephanie, Marchioness of Wandleside: 24/11/2022