Monarchy of Wildflower Meadows

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Princess of Wildflower Meadows
HI&SH Hannah
StyleHer Serene Highness
First monarchHI&SH Hannah
Formation12 May 2016
Monarchical styles of
Princess Hannah of Wildflower Meadows
Reference styleHer Imperial and Serene Highness
Spoken styleYour Imperial and Serene Highness
Alternative stylePrincess

The monarchy of Wildflower Meadows is the political institution comprising an absolute monarch of the Principality of Wildflower Meadows.

The current and founding monarch is HI&SH Princess Hannah. Although the style of the Wildflowerian throne alone is Serene Highness, the incumbent uses "Imperial and Serene Highness" due to her concurrent position as an Austenasian Augusta.

Powers and duties

The Princess rules and reigns as absolute monarch of the Principality, holding total control over all domestic governance and foreign representation. All executive, legislative, and judicial power and authority is held by the Princess.


The Princess of Wildflower Meadows has three crowns worn for various occasions, each decorated with artificial flowers. The State Crown, decorated with sunflowers, is used for formal state occasions. The Coronation Crown, decorated with small pink roses, was used to crown Princess Hannah upon the foundation of the Principality in May 2016, and along with another, unnamed crown, is used both by the Princess and by her consort Emperor Jonathan I for less formal occasions.

The other items of the Princess' regalia are all wildflower-themed: a sceptre tipped with a silicone butterfly, a necklace with a butterfly pendant on it, and earrings in the shape of flowers.

Furthermore, Princess Hannah has a silver jewelled tiara, but this is primarily used in her capacity as Princess Consort of Austenasia and not as Princess of Wildflower Meadows.


In a decree passed on 19 May 2017, Princess Hannah announced that the Wildflowerian throne is to be inherited by matrilineal primogeniture, with the Princess to designate a successor should she have no children.