Order of Excellence (Queensland)

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The Most Valliant
Order of Excellence
Awarded by the State Government of Queenslandian Capital Territory
Established24 May 2022
CriteriaAt the Government's pleasure
StatusCurrently constituted
FounderBenedikte X of Queensland
SovereignThe Supreme Head of the Queenslandian Nation
Grand MasterTBA
First induction24 May 2022
Total inductees0
Next (higher)None (highest)
Next (lower)Order of Meritorious Service to Federal Territories

The Most Valliant Order of Excellence is one of the four Capital Territory orders of the Queenslandian honors system, and it is awarded only to present and former foreign Heads of State or Government or People. It was built on 24 May 2022, which has been replaced named after the original Order of the Queenslandian Empire, it was replaced by the Order of Nation Excellence. Because Queensland is no longer an Empire.

Grades and Order


The Supreme Head of the Queenslandian Nation is Sovereign of the Order. All deeds granting decorations of the Order must bear the signature of the Sovereign. Members of the order are granted a certificate and personal coat of arms with the insignia of the Order. The Order has one grades:

  • Member (conferred on people of Queensland, senior politicians, diplomats, etc.)

Ribbon bars

The ribbon bars of the Most Valliant Order of National Excellence, which has been used since 25 May 2022.


List of members


  • 2 January 2023 : Princess Charlotte, Duchess of St. Andrews
  • 2 January 2023 : Prince Andrew, Duke of Oslo-Sonya
  • 2 January 2023 : Prince Patrick, Earl of Camrose
  • 2 January 2023 : Sir Paul Gordon
  • 2 January 2023 : Sir David Malta, Marquess of Lillehammer
  • 2 January 2023 : Sir David Armstrong
  • 2 January 2023 : Dame Mary Sophie-Charlene
  • 2 January 2023 : Dame Mary Joyce London
  • 2 January 2023 : Paul Jørgensen
  • 2 January 2023 : Admiral Sir Antony Cunningham
  • 2 January 2023 : Sir Vitéz László Gábor
  • 2 January 2023 : Lieutenant General Sir Gerard Hofman Michel
  • 2 January 2024 : Sir Smith Andrew Arthur, Baron Arthur of Castletown
  • 2 January 2024 : Marshal of Royal Queensland Air Force Sir Alexander Robert Patrick
  • 2 January 2024 : General Sir Llewelyn Charles Anthony
  • 2 January 2024 : Dame Armgard Margaret, Countess of Anchovy

Honorary Member