Oranmore Defence Brigade

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Oranmore Defence Brigade
Active13 January 2022 - Onwards
AllegianceNational Army
TypeProvincial Defence Brigade
Engagements2022 RLF-Greater Roscam war
CommanderNyck Bradaten

The Oranmore Defence Brigade is a provincial defence brigade, a part of the Armed Forces, and is situated in Oranmore province. It is under joint control of the Federal and Oranian governments.

Its primary duty is to protect the province and the Roscami Federation.


It was formed in the wake of the the resignation of Ivan Ryan from the Ballinfoylish Presidency in January 2022 as the Ironfist Regiment. The regiment saw little to no action until the 2023 Roscami civil war when it defended the region and later province of Oranmore.

In November 2023 the National Congress passed an act forming Provincial Defence Brigades (PDB) from the old province militias. As Oranmore had no militia, the Ironfist Regiment was abolished and reformatted as the Oranmore Defence Brigade [1].