Occitanian 3rd anniversary Postcard project

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The Occitanian 3rd anniversary Postcard project is a cultural project created by the government of Occitania to celebrate the third birthday of the Popular Union of Occitania.


A postcard representing the traditional flag of Occitania will be sent from territory to territory around the world. The government will coordinate its journey. In addition, it can also be sent to micronations friends of Occitania. At each stage of his journey, the card will be placed in an envelope; the hosts can sign the card and write a word on a sheet that will travel with the card. When the trip will end, the postcard will be exhibited at the Postal Museum in Babougrad. To host the postcard, governors and foreign leaders can fill this forumular.


Place Host Location Dates Notes
LOOKS2.png Shalom (UPO) Ivanna Minaïeva Flag of France.png Toulouse 1 September 2018 -
Flag Oranje.png Babougrad (UPO) Babou Chkaya Flag of France.png Toulouse TBD
PaxlandicFlag.png Paxland King Cooper Narceus Flag of the United States.png Florida TBD