Nemkhav general election, January 2010

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The January 2010 Nemkhav General Elections were a set of elections that took place on the 14th of January 2010. Most positions within the Central Government were up for election at this time, including the post of Prime Minister. It will be the first time that the League of Communists of Nemkhavia had been challenged in an election by another political party, although independent oppoisition had always existed.

The Green Party of Nemkhavia was attempting to gain seats in the Federal Assembly, while the Communists was working to maintain their majority, as this majority is not guaranteed by the constitution.

The Elections

Two separate elections happened on the day. The Federal Assembly Elections saw the people elect their representatives to the Assembly, while the Bosjan Regional Election saw the President of the Socialist Republic of Bosja decided.

Federal Assembly

Under the reorganisation, the Federal Assembly had been expanded to nine seats from the previous five. The previous five MFAs stood down as the people were about to vote. The constituencies involved under the new rules are as follows:

  • Nemkhav-Skajacka North
  • Nemkhav-Skajacka South
  • Astor Impora Central
  • Bosja North-West
  • Bosja South-West
  • Bosja East
  • Bosja North-East
  • Urkhavsk Provincial
  • Lestaja Provincial

The Communist Party had held all seats, and were challenged by the GPN in some areas, and by Independents in others. It was marked difference from other Socialist nations, as the League of Communists was not guaranteed to to have a dominant position, it was entirely up to the people to decide.

Bosjan Presidential Election

The other position that was decided was that of the President of the Socialist Republic of Bosja. The new Republic had a provisional president until recently, and was in need of an elected official leader. The incumbent President, Captain Nicolas Drimonak stepped down to allow the election.

Political parties

The nations two largest parties both contested various areas, including the Presidential Election in Bosja.

League of Communists of Nemkhavia

The League of Communists is currently the most powerful political party in the nation. It is made up of the old Nemkhav People's Party and various other smaller Communist organisations. Until now, it has been unchallenged in any area of Government. It is important to note, however, that Nemkhavia is not, and never has been, a one party state. The opposition had simply never been organised in the form of a Party. The leader of the LCN is Sir Mark Meehan, one of the leading politicians of Nemkhavia. He has been the leader of the Nemkhav people since the nation's founding. The Communists remain a popular group in the country, with many Nemkhavs being either League members or sympathizers. In order to keep their majority, the Communists had to keep at least five of the nine seats in the Federal Assembly.

Green Party of Nemkhavia

The Green Party is the newest political party in Nemkhavia. It is the first organised political movement to oppose the Communists. This election will be the first it contests. The leader of the Green is JnrLt. Jessica Nentjavacska. As an independent, she voiced concern that Nemkhavia wasn't doing it's best for the environment. The Greens hope to push forward an environmentally friendly agenda, should they achieve a majorty in the Government. The Greens arent opposition in the usual sense, as they do not oppose the Communists in other areas.

The Federal Assembly Elections

All nine seats in the Federal Assembly were available for election. The names in bold were the winners.

Nemkhav-Skajacka South

Name Party Notes
Stefan Anjacka League of Communists of Nemkhavia Current Prime Minister
None None None

Nemkhav-Skajacka North

Name Party Notes
Col. Ben Pzacman League of Communists of Nemkhavia Current Minister of Defence
None None None

Astor Impora Central

Name Party Notes
Julia Nerivska League of Communists of Nemkhavia Provisional MFA, took over from Meehan.
William Cernzaman Independent None

Bosja North-West

Name Party Notes
Mikal Osterask League of Communists of Nemkhavia Current Minister of Finance and Economics
Andrew Mantija Green Party of Nemkhavia None

Bosja South-West

Name Party Notes
Patrick Glajask League of Communists of Nemkhavia None
None None None

Bosja East

Name Party Notes
Thomas Cumanahk League of Communists of Nemkhavia Current Minister of Transport and Public Works
Jonathan Amansk Green Party of Nemkhavia None

Bosja North-East

Name Party Notes
Tim Crinsman League of Communists of Nemkhavia None
John Hrensija Independent None

Urkhavsk Provincial

Name Party Notes
Colin Menteras Green Party of Nemkhavia None
None None None

Lestaja Provincial

Name Party Notes
Jessica Nentjavacska Green Party of Nemkhavia Leader of the Green Party
Aaron Insman Independent None

The Bosjan Presidential Election

The positin of President of Bosja had been available in the election, and had been contested by Captain Nicolas Drimonak, LCN, and Anthony Colstera, an Independent. The Communists had been favourites to win the election, no doubt resulting from Capt. Drimonak's time as Provisional President. Colstera was by no means out for the count, as he battled the hold of the Communists in the region. In the end, the winner of the race was Captain Drimonak, with 80% of the votes cast in his favour.