Green Party of Nemkhavia

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Green Party of Nemkhavia
Páirtí Glas Nemcabha
Parti Gljas Nemkhavhija
A Green Future
Founded 7 January 2010
General Secretary Jessica Nentjavacska
Headquarters SR of Bosja
Party Branches League of Communists of Urkhavsk, League of Communists of Nemkhav-Skajacka, League of Communists of Cooley

The Green Party of Nemkhavia is a political party in the Socialist Federal Republic of Nemkhavia, currently the second-largest part after the LCN. The Green Party is the first party to exist alongside the Communists, and will be the first party to contest the usually Communist-dominated elections. It is based in the Socialist Republic of Bosja, and is headed by Secretary-General Jessica Nentjavacska.


The Green Party professes itself to be a socialist party, but with environmentally friendly aims. It promotes preservation of the forest areas of the SFR, and seeks for more integration between Local Governments towards this aim. Ms. Nentjavacska has also professed her belief that the policies of the Communist Party do not focus enough on environmental aims. The Greens also support more rights for Local Government. Crucially, the party is also opposed to the idea of a full-time Defence Forces, one of the areas in which it is in agreement with the Communists.


Name Party Office National Office Home State Notes
Jessica Nentjavacska Secretary-General Gubernatorial candidate for the Province of Lestaja SR of Bosja Founder of the third Party to exist in Nemkhav history, committed Green politician. Part-time Junior Lieutenant in the Nemkav Border Service, 10th Ranger Company