National Party (Mouzilo)

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National Party
Εθνικό Κόμμα (el)
LeaderManolis Afentoulis
FoundedDecember 12, 2012 de facto
Headquarters1 Crown Alley, Hagiopolis, Mouzilo, Austenasia
NewspaperImperial Tribune unofficially
Ideology • Conservatism
 • National conservatism
 • Traditionalism
 • Patriotism
 • Greek interests
Political positionRight
National affiliationFatherland Party
International affiliationConservative Party of Ashukovo
Official coloursBlack, White, Red(official)
Black (common use)

The National Party (Greek: Εθνικό Κόμμα) is a right-wing conservative party in Mouzilo. It is the country's longest extant party, having been founded in late 2012. It is currently the ruling party of the state, and one of Mouzilo's two legal parties (the other being the Independent Party.



The party was de facto founded in December 2012 in the aftermath of the unrest surrounding the banishment of the Niitic language and the administration of Mouzilo's first monarch, Emmanuel I. Founded by the then-Prince and head of the anti-dynastic movement, Manolis Afentoulis, the party quickly aligned itself with the right wing and gained power, which has not been lost since. For a period in mid-2013, the party was renamed to "Cythist National Party", reflecting the adoption of Cythism, a homebrewn nationalist ideology which was soon dropped.


During Mouzilo's membership of the First Ashukov Federation, and with Mouzilo's abolition of the monarchy, the party closely aligned itself with the Social-Democratic Party of Ashukovo. Domestically, though remaining separate, the NP and Mouzilo's branch of the SDP cooperated to the extent that the parties became indistinguishable, however the SDP could not formally participate in Mouzilo's internal affairs, which was an exclusive privilege of the NP. The cooperation between the two parties continued and was intensified when the SDP became the Social Patriotic Party, until the party system was abolished when the Tsardom of Ashukovo replaced the Federation. When the Tsardom and Ashukovo itself were de facto abolished, the National Party reemerged and resumed activity in Mouzeliot politics, effectively supporting constituional reforms that brought back the monarchy and granted greater powers to the Basileus.

With the reestablishment of the Ashukov Federation, the National Party aligned itself with the Conservative Party, and renamed itself to the Conservative Party of Mouzilo, with the ideology remaining largely unaltered. During this period, and especially during the June 2017 Presidential elections, the Conservative Party of Mouzilo was the main driving party behind its federal counterpart. After Mouzilo's departure from the Federation in December 2017, the party readopted its former name and updated its logo to one that closely resembled that of the Conservative Party of Ashukovo.


The party remained largely inactive after the reestablishment of Mouzilo as an independent state. Activity resumed in preparations for Mouzilo's first elections in 5 years, on March 2018. The party contested against the newly formed Independent Party and won, granting 5 more years of leadership to Afentoulis. Soon after the elections activity declined once again. Formal activity would not resume until January 2020, when the party officially aligned itself with the Fatherland Party of Austenasia, which Mouzilo had joined a year earlier. Currently the National Party is FP's local affiliate and has since updated its logo to reflect that.


The party places itself on the right of the political spectrum. Ideologically it is socially conservative, patriotic, and traditionalist, with an emphasis on national identity and the Christian Orthodox religion. The party also promotes Greek ethnic interests which it believes are the main factor behind the Mouzeliot national identity.