National Military of Excelsior

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National Military of the Excelsior Republic
Standard of the Excelsioran Military
Motto"We are the hammer"
Founded28 August 2020
Service branchesArmy of Excelsior, Air Force of Excelsior, Force 14, Bureau of Intelligence and Cybersecurity, Police Force
HeadquartersFortress of Invictus, Excelsior
Commander-GeneralSilas Wurnbash
PresidentSilas Wurnbash
Secretary of Defense and Homeland SecuritySilas Wurnbash
National Security AdvisorNicolas Caiazzo
Reaching military
age annually
Active personnel50
Reserve personnel10
Budget40% of Government expidentures
Domestic suppliersWNSC

The National Military of Excelsior is the armed forces of the Excelsior Republic. The military consists of 3 branches, the National Army, the Naval and Aerial Force, and Force Fourteen. Led by Commander-General Silas W. as President of Excelsior, the military has often been used to put down civil conflict, such as the 2022 Excelsioran Coup d'état Attempt. The Commander-General is the supreme leader of the military, and is assisted by the Defense Advisor, and the Branch Leaders.

Structure and operation

The supreme leader and commander of the military is the President of the Republic of Excelsior, given the title of Commander-General. The current Commander-General is Silas W. The Commander-General performs and authorizes military operations and appoints generals. The Commander-General is assisted by the Defense Advisor, currently Nicolas Caiazzo, who advises the Commander-General on procedure and military policy. The military is divided into 3 branches, the National Army, the National Air Force, and Force Fourteen. Each is led by a Branch Leader, who holds the rank of Major General, and commands their respective branch. The Commander-General, Branch Leaders, and Defense Advisor make up the Military High Command.

Branches are also often organized into specific divisions, such as the Medical Corps or the Radio and Signal Corps.


Since the Excelsioran Military primarily operates in New York City, where airsoft and air guns are banned, Excelsior's military arsenal is limited to dart guns or hand to hand combat. Since dart guns are largely ineffective at routing an enemy, the military of Excelsior places an emphasis on hand to hand soldiers, with some ranged elements to provide cover fire. Even so, the dart guns they use are modified so as to provide a much improved punch and sting.


The military is completely autonomous from the Government of Excelsior, as its responsibility is to serve the people. This allows the military to carry out foreign operations without authorization from the government, which occasionally leads to military operations that are condemned by the Government of Excelsior. The Military is an arm of the state, and not the government, according to Excelsioran law, and is only bound by Excelsioran federal laws, Federal Rulings, and legislative orders such as passed motions by the Senate.

Command Structure

The following is the command structure of the Excelsioran Military:

No. Rank Stars Held by
1 Commander-General
Silas W.
2 Major general Nicolas Caiazzo, Lola G, Arlo W
4 Liuetenant General Finn M, Thomas Jacobs, Gabe.Y, Micah
5 Sargent Too many to display
6 Veteran No stars Too many to display
7 Infantrymember No stars Too many to display

In addition each rank has a pin associated with it worn by officers to distinguish themselves from the infantry.

from left to right: commander general, defense advisor, major general for force 14, major general


National Army

The Army of Excelsior is the ground force of the Excelsioran military. Comprised of over 25 servicemembers, the branch is responsible for on the ground combat and most military action. As the largest branch in the Military, it oversees most military operations. The branch has the most engagements and traditionally fights in live combat. The National army is the oldest branch and has heavy influence from the state of Invictus. It is led by Major General Lola G.

Aerial and Naval Force

The Aerial and Naval force of the military is responsible for military action on sea and in the air, as well as aiding the National Army in combat. Comprised of a fleet of three small ships, the sword of frazirioberg, queen finny, and the invictable, and one drone, the ANF, as it is commonly called, carries out surveillance missions and operates in areas where the army can't reach. The Radio and Signal Corps., which are responsible for monitoring radio waves, are integrated into the ANF. The ANF is led by Marshal Nicolas Caiazzo.

Force 14

Force 14 is the special operations unit of the Excelsioran military, and assist the National army in special operations. To be accepted into the force you must have passed the trials to become a member of the EWI, an external group outside of Excelsior that trains soldiers for the Excelsioran Military. Those that pass the EWI it are tested in armed and unarmed combat in all conditions, with tests of battlefield tactics and military history being taught as well. Once one transitions to Force 14, they are assessed on their strengths and given a specific battle role.

The force acts as a united squad and is led by their leader, Major General Arlo W.


Agencies are government organizations jointly led by the Government of Excelsior and the Military of Excelsior, specifically for defense purposes. Agencies assist the military of Excelsior in specific fields and work closely with them to provide for the national defense.

Emblem Name Purpose Led by
Federal Investigations Agency The Federal Investigations Agency, or

FIA, is a join government-Military organization

proclaimed the successor of the former Bureau

of Intelligence and Cybersecurity. Its purpose

is to launch intelligence missions for the military,

investigate members of government for crimes,

and monitor the nation's national cybersecurity.

Special Weapons and Engineering


The Special Weapons and Engineering Agency

is responsible for developing advanced

defense technology and weaponry for the

Excelsioran National Royal Military.



Currently, the Government of Excelsior has purchased uniforms only for senior members of the Military, specifically Commander-General Silas and Marshal of the Air Force Nicolas Caiazzo. The military has designated official designs for uniforms to be purchased.

Current Uniforms