Monarchy of Athor

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Emir of Athor
Colin I of Athor
since 21 December 2022 (2022-12-21)
StyleHis Grace
First monarchColin I of Athor
Formation21 December 2022
ResidenceCayfield Palace

The Monarchy of Athor is the head of state and ruler of the Islamic Emirate of Athor who holds absolute power. They are also the head of the Athori royal family, the House of Knight. The monarch is known as an Emir or Emira and is addressed as "His or Her Grace", or "Sheikh" and also holds the title of Defender of the Faith to signify the significance of the national religion, Islam.


The Emir of Athor holds absolute power. As a result their power is not limited by means such as a constitution. However, despite this, there are some duties the monarch follows by convention that include:

  • Appointing the Prime Minister of Athor As Well As Other Cabinet Ministers
  • Appointing Privy Council Members
  • Appointing a Grand Mufti
  • Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces
  • Granting or Refusing Royal Assent to Laws Passed by Parliament


The monarch holds absolute power and is the most powerful office within the nation. For example, the monarch can pass decrees (laws passed directly by the monarch without going through parliament), dissolve parliament, appoint governments or rule the nation solely, grant royal ascent to or reject laws proposed by parliament.


The monarchy is the oldest office within the nation. The monarchy was established on 21 December 2022 and was established as the first national office.


A custom of the monarchy is that the monarch is not bowed to. This is because of the belief held by the nation that the only person who should be bowed to is God.

Succession Laws

The monarchy follows male-preference primogeniture. The first-born son typically becomes heir apparent and is given the title of Crown Prince.

List of Monarchs

Emirs of Athor
Monarch House Reign Era
Colin I of Athor House of Knight 21 December 2022 - Present Colinian

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