Prime Minister of Athor

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Prime Minister of Athor
رئيس وزراء أتور
Office of the Prime Minister
StyleThe Honourable
TypeHead of Government
Member ofCouncil of Ministers
Term lengthAt His Grace's Pleasure
Formation21 December 2022
DeputyDeputy Prime Minister of Athor

The Prime Minister of Athor is the head of government in the Islamic Emirate of Athor. The prime minister is the chairman of the council of ministers and nominates candidates for offices in cabinet. The office of prime minister is third highest ranking within the emirate, ranking below the Emir and Crown Prince.


The Prime Minister sits as chairman of the Council of Ministers and as a result is required to nominate candidates for cabinet offices. The prime minister may also have an obligation to a political party if they belong to one. The prime minister primarily serves as overseer of domestic affairs within the Emirate and as a senior advisor to the monarch.


The prime minister is formally appointed by the monarch, like all other cabinet ministers. Candidates for the office of the prime minister, as also a member of parliament, can be nominated for office by Parliament.

Qualifications for Office

To be eligible for appointment as Prime Minister candidates are required:

  • to be a citizen of Athor for 1 week;
  • to be a Muslim;
  • to be a Member of Either House of Parliament;
  • have confidence from the House of Parliament they belong to;

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