Islamic Emirate of Athor

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Islamic Emirate of Athor
إمارة أتور الإسلامية
Coat of Arms of Athor
Coat of Arms
Motto: الله والامير والوطن
God, Emir and Country
Largest ProvinceTyrinya Province
Official languagesEnglish, Arabic
Islam (Official)
GovernmentUnitary Absolute Monarchy
• Monarch
Colin I
House of Councillors
House of Assembly
• Founded
21 December 2022
• 2022 estimate
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy

Athor, officially the Islamic Emirate of Athor, is a self declared sovereign nation (commonly referred to as a micronation) that declared independence in late 2022.

Athor is governed as an Islamic Absolute Monarchy - however the nation has an established parliament. The nation's monarch, the Emir of Athor, holds absolute power and is responsible for most foreign and domestic issues concerning the nation. The Prime Minister sits as head of government and chairs the council of ministers and aids the monarch in overseeing most domestic affairs.


The Islamic Emirate was informally established on 21 December 2022 with a slight humorous tone to its existence until later that day when the nation was established as a serious nation.

Government & Politics


The monarchy serves as the head of state in the nation. The monarch is typically styled as an Emir. The monarch is granted absolute authority and power and is typically charged with appointing the government, overseeing domestic affairs as well as helping enforce Islamic Sharia Law. The monarch is supported by the Government, Parliament and the Royal Family and is advised on Islamic principles of law by a Grand Mufti.

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister is the nation's head of government. They are appointed by the monarch and can be nominated by parliament. The Prime Minister chairs the council of ministers and helps manage domestic affairs. They also nominate all ministers for appointment to the monarch.


The national parliament works with the government to help manage day-to-day to domestic affairs within the nation. Parliament is bicameral and consists of the House of Councillors and the House of Assembly.

The House of Assembly is the chamber in which the national government, including the Prime Minister, sits. The chamber is typically elected. As well as this, elections can be called by the monarch on advice of the Privy Council.

The House of Councillors acts an advisory and supervisory house to the House of Assembly. The house is made up of members appointed by the monarch - who are occasionally nominated by the Prime Minister. Members of the house are typically appointed for their expertise, serviced to the nation or because they are former ministers or former prime ministers.


The national currency is the Chronus. The national economy is overseen by the Secretary of State for the Treasury with the consent of the prime minister.

The Bank of Athor helps the government tackle the economy and also prints chronus on behalf of the government.

National Symbols

The primary national symbol of Athor is the national flag. It consists of three stripes and two stars. The green stripe represents Islam (the national religion), the white stripe represents the monarchy and the black stripe representing national identity. The stars represent national culture.

As well as this, the national arms also act as a national symbol as well as a symbol of the government.

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