Flag of Athor

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Flag of Athor
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Flag of Athor
Use National flag
Adopted 21 December 2022
Designed by Colin I of Athor

The Flag of Athor is the national flag of the Islamic Emirate of Athor. It is also a national symbol.

The design of the flag dates back to when it was first created on 21 December 2022.


The flag was designed by Colin I of Athor and was adopted on 21 December 2022. It was inspired by the Syrian flag.


The flag consists of three stripes, coloured in green, black and white. In the white stripe sits two red stars.


The green stripe represents Islam as the national religion, the white stripe represents the monarchy and the royal family, and the black stripe represents national identity. The stars represent national culture.

Flying the Flag

The national flag has some uncodified regulations as to how it should be flown.

Half Mast

The Athori Flag is flown from Government buildings at half-mast in the following situations:

  • From the Announcement of the Death of the Monarch Until the End of National Mourning Period
  • The Day of the Funeral of an Athori Royal Family Member
  • The Funeral of a Foreign Head of State
  • The Funeral of a Former Prime Minister of Athor

The Sovereign sometimes declares other days when the flag is to fly at half-mast.

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