Grace (style of address)

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His/Her Grace is a style of address used for high ranking persons including nobility and royalty. The title was used by some monarchs of the countries of the British Isles before the act of union, such as Kings/Queens of the Scots and English monarchs, prior to the rule of Henry VIII. It is a commonly used title for the nobility of many nations and used for royalty where it is not appropriate to use a style such as His/Her Majesty.


In the Democratic Duchy of Francisville, "Your Grace" was the usual spoken address of the head of state, a duke/duchess.

In the Grand Duchy of Prsänëa, "Your Grace" is the spoken address to Counts and Countesses, and His/Her Grace is the style granted to those with the rank of nobility.

In the Kingdom of Theodia, "Your Grace" was an optional address of respect for the monarch.

In the Empire and Confederation of Flevelt, "Your Grace" is the style used by a number of reigning sovereigns with the confederation.

In the Kingdom of Ikonia, "Your Grace" is the spoken address to a Governor-general of a colony, and Dukes.

In the Islamic Emirate of Athor, "Your Grace" is the formal address of the Monarch of Athor.