Confederation of Flevelt

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Confederation of Flevelt
Flag of Confederation of Flevelt
Coat of arms
Motto: Long regin peace
Anthem: "Glory to Flevelt"
Largest cityCity of Pavia
Official languagesEnglish, Fleveltish
Demonym(s)Man/Woman of Flevelt or Fleveltish
Kyle of Hesslin
• Lord President of the Court
Kyle of Hesslin
• Regent and Chief Executive
Christian of Mont Fleury
LegislatureGoverning Senate of Flevelt
• (official 2016 census) census
CurrencyU.S. Dollar / Paper and Gold Ducats (gold plate standard)
Time zoneByzantine time*
This nation is a member of the League for Micronation cooperation

The Confederation of Flevelt is a self declared Sovereign State, commonly referred to as a "Micronation" founded on June 12, 2016.


Flevelt gains it's name from the Helvetic Confederation of Switzerland. Flevelt also commonly refers to a banner with an eagle on it.


The Confederation of Flevelt was formed from the remnant of the Holy Roman Empire of Flevelt which founded after the member states of the Confederation of Folsom voted on forming an Empire. The Prince-Primate Kyle of Hesslin was elected Latin Emperor on June 12, 2016 . The Member states Hesslin, Mont-Rouge, and Mont-Fleury were the founding members of the empire. Later the Grand Duchy of Pavia, the Tsardom and Despotate of melvak, and the Electoral Emirate of Clevia were formed and granted seats in the Imperial Diet. After, the election of Ethan of Mont Rouge as Emperor, the members of the Great Council of State began to lean towards a different form of government. Ethan of Mont Rouge was unhappy, but for Flevelt he agreed. Audrey of Pavia was chosen to be the provisional head of state, not long afterwards Audrey of Pavia was elected the first Protector of the Confederation, official head of state.

Government and politics

The Confederation is made up of four major nations. The Free and High Lordship of Hesslin (HeSh-Lin) is the oldest nation of Flevelt and was the old empire's primary region of interest. Kyle of Hesslin is the First Lord in Hesslin and is not a full monarch but more of a governor. The Free and High Lordship of Pavia is the largest nation and currently hosts the capital of the Confederation, The City of Pavia. Pavia is ruled by First Lady Jolene, but is also the home and namesake of Audrey of Pavia, a Lady of Pavia. The Free and High lordship of Mont Rouge is the second oldest nation and was the home of Ethan, First lord in Mount Rouge. Lastly, the Free Lordship of Mont Fluery is the youngest nation and is home to Christian, First Noble in Mont Fluery. On a confederation wide level there are two officers of import. The High President or formally "High President and Governor of Flevelt" is the head of state, as such this person chairs meetings of the confederation's Legislative branch, the Governing Senate. The Regent and Chief executive is head of government, therefore the Regent is elected by the Governing Senate. The Regent appoints the Chief Justiciar, Chief Ambassadors and the Captain General, jointly with the High President. The Regent's cabinet consists of the Court of Governors. The Court of Governors is in charge of Flevelt's policy, internal governance, and administration. Finally, the High Presidnet holds the Rank of Grand Marshal and the military office of Supreme Commander. There are currently two political parties in Flevelt, the Fatalitist Party, pro military and inclusive expansion and the Soie Party, pro multiculturalism.

Law and order

Justice in Flevelt is seen as one of the most important aspects of government. Trials are presided over by Commissioners for Justice. The Chief Justiciar of the Court of Governors presides over the highest of trials jointly with a Commissioner for Justice and/or the High President. The Chief bailiff in each region can often act as a Judge if none can be found in a reasonable time. There are three decrees of crime. The first Decree of crimes are murder, armed robbery, and other forms of bodily harm which will result in one being exiled and handed over to the criminal's native authorities. Second degree crimes are High Treason, financial and real estate fraud, and unarmed robbery which will result in exile imprisonment and potentially another form of specific punishment. Third degree crimes are Treason, abuse of power, and other forms of corruption which are punishable by fine and remove of office.

Foreign relations

The Confederation of Flevelt is currently in a military alliance with Shorewell and has granted an embassy. The Lord Chancellor is in charge of all foreign relations.


The Fleveltic military is divided into two branches. The Fleveltic Army is the larger branch and is responsible for boarder protection, military policing, and campaigning against foreign influences. The Fleveltic Navy is charged with government exploration and naval defensive campaigns. The Fleveltic MIlitary as a whole is under the jurisdiction of the Chief Justiciar who appoints the Captain General and Commander-in-Chief of the Forces who oversees the Army and the Navy. The Navy is commanded by the Commission of the Admiralty and Navy which collectively severs under the Captain General. The navy currently owns several cutters which often patrol the Isle of Mossbury.

Geography and climate

The Confederation of Flevelt holds very little land however, the land that it does hold is mostly local bedrooms and other properties donated to the Confederation by subjects and citizens.


The Confederation of Flevelt currently produces no exports other than its labor force which works exclusively in the United States. Sun energy and imported U.S. energy is used to power homes which costs the Confederation some independence. The Confederation has procured coins to act as the gold plate standard Ducat, but presently the U.S. dollar is another form currency. The Bank of Flevelt mints currency and is managed by the Lord Treasurer.


Culture of the Confederation Flevelt is "The Same as the United States really... and may change in the future"- Kyle of Hesslin.


Flevelt has been working on making a news Chanel called "Imperial News."