Fleveltic Navy

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Fleveltic Navy
Established June 17, 2016
Country Confederation of Flevelt
Nicknames "The Loose Ships"
Previous engagements Fleveltic Civil War
Current engagements None
High President Kyle of Hesslin P.
Senior General at Sea Clarie of Pavia
General information
Headquarters General Headquarters, Pavia
Active personnel 4
Standard weapon Wooden paddles
Standard assault weapon water powered arms

The Fleveltic Navy is the Confederation of Flevelt's military forces at sea.


The Military Ranks of Flevelt are traditional.

Naval Ranks
General at Sea
Fleet Captain
Master of Ship
Petty Officer

Posts and Offices

The Fleveltic Navy is subordinate to the Fleveltic army and answers to the Captain General and Commander-in-Chief of the Forces. However, the Whole of the military is formally under the command of the Protector of the Confederation, with the Rank of Grand Marshal, and Supreme Commander. The Navy's highest ranking uniformed officers are the Generals at Sea, who are appointed by the Protector and Captain General jointly. The High Command of the navy and Admiralty is the Commission of the Admiralty and Navy, lead by three Commissioner of the Admirality and Navy. The Isles of Mossbury are mainly lead by the Port Captain of Mossbury and is appointed by the Commission of Admiralty and Navy. A Master Commandant is a fleet commander who is neither a Commadore or Captain. The Fleet Captain of the Navy is the Naval Commission's secretary and is the liaison to the Governing Senate and the Court of Governors


All vessels employed by the Fleveltic navy are cutters. Most of the Fleveltic cutters are man powered and used in the Mossbury region.