Head of State of Flevelt

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Head of State of Confederation of Flevelt
Kyle of Hesslin

since 2017
StyleHis Excellency
ResidenceGovernment House, Hesslin
Term lengthUntil removed by referendum
Inaugural holderKyle of Hesslin
Last holderOffice established
DeputyChief Executive

The Head of State of Flevelt is the supreme source of authority. All foreign relations, military affairs, and high appointments are directly managed by the Head of State. The Head of State may not be arrested or charged in law courts while holding office. The title of the head of state has changed greatly over time. Starting the Emperorship. After political unrest amongst high ranking councillors, the empire was dissolved. The Confederation of Flevelt's head of State was the Lord/Lady Protector, finally replaced by the High President after the democratic reforms in mid-2017.

The High President is aided by the Senate elected, Regent and Chief Executive. The Chief Executive is head of government and while the President holds great power over appointments and other affairs, most of the President's power is limited without the support of a Chief Executive. This relationship is similar to the Emperor's relationship to the Chancellor and the Lord Protector to the Justiciar.

The President has two principal advisors, the Marshal-de-Camp and the Chief Assistant. The Marshal-de-Camp advises on military affairs and represents the President to the Senate. The title "Marshal-de-Camp" derives from the title "Aide-de-Camp." The Chief Assistant advises on general politics and foreign affairs. The Chief Assistant is also given as an honorary title for long service.

The President holds the rank of Grand Marshal and the office of Supreme Commander. Both titles parallel the Captain-General and Commander-in-Chief of the Forces. These titles are given to the highest military official. Both the President and the Captain-General use a flag consisting of thirteen white stars on a dark blue field.

List of Heads of State

Position Name begun
Latin Emperor (Empire of Flevelt) Kyle of Hesslin June 2016
Latin Emperor (Empire of Flevelt) Ethan of Mont Rouge December 2016
Exectuive-in-Charge (Confederation of Flevelt) Audrey of Pavia April 2017
Lady Protector (Confederation of Flevelt) Audrey of Pavia April 2017
High President (Confederation of Flevelt) Kyle of Hesslin June 2017