Fleveltic Army

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Fleveltic Army
Fletus Exercitus
Established June 14, 2016
Country Confederation of Flevelt
Nicknames "The Black Boots"
Previous engagements
Current engagements Fleveltic Civil War
High President Kyle of Hesslin
Captain General Ethan of Mont Rouge
Constable of the Watch vacant
General information
Headquarters General Headquarters, Pavia
Active personnel 14
Standard weapon Wooden baton
Standard assault weapon Nerf guns

The Fleveltic Army was founded shortly after the first empire to defend the nation's boarders and promote the people's will.

Command structure

The High Presidnet of the Confederation is the Grand Marshal and Supreme Commander however, the rank and office are mostly ceremonial. The Captain General is the highest officer in the Fleveltic Army and military. The Captain General holds the style "The Most Excellent" and is addressed as "Lord General." The Captain General also holding the office "Commander-in-Chief of the Forces" is also responsible for the training of the Army and the Quartermasters’ office. The Constable of the Watchmen and is the head of internal security. Most major cities have a City Watch, each city watch is commanded by a Chief Bailiff who answers to the Constable of the Watchmen. The City watches are subortinate to the Captain General of the Forces. The Intelligence Bureau is held under the Captain General's authority and is charged with the collection, analysis, and exploitation of information and intelligence in support of law enforcement, national security, military, and foreign policy objectives.


The Military Ranks of the Fleveltic Army and Intelligence Corps/Bureau.

Special Class Army Ranks Standard Ranks Intelligence Corps/Bureau
Grand Marshal No equivalent rank No equivalent rank
Captain General No equivalent rank No equivalent rank
lieutenant General Field Marshal No equivalent rank
Sergeant General Lieutenant Field Marshal Captain of intelligence (IN-1)
No equivalent rank Field Captain Agent-General (IN-2x)
No equivalent rank Enlisted Man/Woman Agent (IN-3x)