Grand Mufti of Athor

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Grand Mufti of Athor
المفتي الأكبر أتور
Office of the Grand Mufti
StyleGrand Mufti
TypeReligious Leader
Reports toCouncil of Ministers
NominatorPrime Minister
Term lengthAt His Grace's Pleasure
Formation21 December 2022
Unofficial namesChief Mufti

The Grand Mufti of Athor is the most influential Muslim religious and legal authority in the Islamic Emirate of Athor. The holder of the position is appointed by the Emir of Athor. The Grand Mufti is supported in their duties by the Office of the Grand Mufti.


The Grand Mufti is the most senior religious authority in the nation. The officeholder's main role is to give opinions (fatwas) on legal matters and social affairs. The Athori court system as well as some aspects of politics are heavily influenced by the opinions of the Grand Mufti. The Grand Mufti is also in charge of all other lower-ranking muftis within the nation.


The office of Grand Mufti is the first established religious office within the Islamic Emirate. It was established on 21 December 2022.


The grand mufti is appointed by the Emir of Athor. However, candidates can be nominated by the Prime Minister. Officeholders serve at the monarch's pleasure.

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