Ministry of Economy and Finance (Aswington)

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Ministry of Economy and Finance
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Agency overview
FormedFebruary 1, 2021
Minister responsible
  • Eri, Minister of Economy and Finance

The Ministry of Economy and Finance (Spanish: Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas) is a ministerial department responsible for general financial policy and for general management in the field of finance of the Republic of Aswington. Moreover, it is also in charge of managing the economy of the country.


The ministry has the following functions:

  • Plan, direct and control matters relating to fiscal policy, financing, indebtedness, budget and treasury.
  • Plan, direct and control the State's financial business policies and harmonize economic activity.
  • Efficiently manage the State's public resources.
  • Create strategies to achieve a good economic activity in favor of the population.


The Ministry of Economy and Finance has three departments in charge of the economy, finance and other things based in these premises. These are:

  • Department of National Budget: Responsible for the management, control, evaluation and administration of the national budget.
  • Department of Investment and Finance: Responsible for proposing and implementing investment policies.
  • Department of Public Resources: Responsible for the fiscal and financial analysis of the proposals put forward by the other departments.

List of Ministers

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