Microvision Song Festival 2011

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Microvision Song Festival 2011
'Inspire your emotions!'
Semi-final 1 date August 2011
Semi-final 2 date August 2011
Final date August 2011
Presenter(s) James von Puchow TBC
Director Micronational Broadcasting Union/ TeleVisie Londeland
Host broadcaster Antarctico londaise.png TeleVisie Londeland (TVL)
Venue Internet broadcast
Voting system
Eurovision method (ranked placings, 1 - 12 points)
Number of entries TBC
Debuting countries Senyaflag.png Senya
Tfoeflag.png Erephisia
Vlag.jpg Flandrensis
Antarctico londaise.png Landashir
Better flag ultamiya.png Ultamiya
Withdrawing countries Eleytheria flag.png Eleytheria
Disqualified countries Starland flag.jpg Starland

The Microvision Song Festival 2011 (also known as Microvision Song Contest 2011 and MicroVision) is a competition to take place in 2011. It is to be hosted in cooperation with the Micronational Broadcasting Union and the Landashir'n state broadcaster, TVL in August. Applications to take part are still available.


Draw Country Language Artist Song English translation Place Points
01 Landashir English - - - - -
02 Senya Senyanese Barnaby Hands Eke! Jesus! - -
03 Erephisia - Klopfzeichen Break - - -
04 Flandrensis English Beyond Dreams Beyond Dreams - - -
05 Ultamiya - David I of Varina Melody of War - - -

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