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Micronation Primary Macronation Stance Foundation Capital Population Website (If available) Leader(s)
Hasanistan United Kingdom Secessionist 7 Sep 2011 Batyr n/a http://republicofhasanistan.blogspot.ae/ Hasan Çakar
Hortania UK Simulationist 27 Oct 2011 Allerton 24 https://republicofhortania.wordpress.com/ Damian Billbrough
Flag of Hrafnfjallv2.png Hrafnarfjall United States 14 May 2016 Hrafnarfjall 23 https://hrafnarfjall.org/ Thomas Bainbridge
Humanytaria (EP) UK Secessionist Apr 2015 Sigismundov 50 http://humanytaria.wix.com/humanytariagov/ Radia Crann
Hutt River Australia Secessionist 21 Apr 1970 n/a 20 http://www.huttriverprovinceusa.org/ Leonard Casley