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The truth will always win
Official language(s)English
Short nameMWL
- FounderTheresa Kokal
EstablishedNovember 1, 2020

Official website

MicroWikiLeaks is an intermicronational organization with a general focus to make the hidden truth heard in the micronational community when renowned micronations and organizations fail to do so. It publishes news leaks and classified media provided by anonymous sources. The organization was founded by micronational journalist Theresa Kokal.


Release #1

The earliest instance of MicroWikiLeaks was a logo uploaded to image host ImgBB on 3 November. Early releases included documentation purporting to show corruption in the Grand Unified Micronational, and an excerpt of a dialog with several of its members in the Cupertino Alliance discussing the possibility of impeaching the then-Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational, Thomas Bainbridge. The evidence taken from the GUM's public lobby was later explained as a joke on the part of the Chair.

Release #2

On November 14th MicroWikiLeaks published their second release called Who is "Jack Western" or how the story of an Austenasian former SIA officer got leaked by The Kingdom of ***** containing two documents - one leaked by Jonathan Barker - a former State Intelligence Agency officer, and the other by an unknown source possibly from the Kingdom of Aspen (exact micronational kingdom is unconfirmed as of November 14, 2020). Both reports contain information regarding political activities within Austenasia, Essexia, Glastieve, Hrafnarfjall, Aeternia and others, as well as information pertaining to the organization of Discord raids.

International Reactions

  • CupertinoPan.svg Cupertino Alliance — In a public address, Chairman Jayden Lycon refuted accusations made by MicroWikiLeaks, stating that the alliance holds no opinion on GUM, and does not seek to interfere with elections or outlaw GUM members states.[1]
  • URAflag.jpg The United Republics of Antarctica — The Head of Foreign Affairs Peter Scheelbeck released a statement mentioning blackmailing activity by the organization: "To be honest, this looks more like an international provocation to me... or put simply - blackmail. Either this so called MicroWikiLeaks is a blackmail organization, or the people there didn't study the matter of the Drygalski Island conflict well enough."[2]
  • Flag Kingdom of Lukland. Kingdom of Lukland - Lukland condemned MicroWikiLeaks of being a spy organization and stated that it will try to establish who are the people standing behind the blackmailing activity.[3]
  •  Paloma - Paloma condemns MicroWikiLeaks due to its actions towards sensitive information of other nations. In a statement the President said on the matter: "Of course I dont agree with MicroWikiLeaks, its taking sensitive information and putting it out there. It's a breach in some cases to national security. Now do I think that what may be happening behind closed doors is wrong? Of course, but should it be leaked? Absolutely not".


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