Melissa Anderson

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Melissa Anderson, A.M.
Executive Vice-Premier of the National People's Assembly
Assumed office:
January 6, 2010
Premier James Marshall
Deputy Eugene Taylor
Predecessor James Marshall
Director of the United Front Work Department
Assumed office:
August 30, 2009
General Secretary Robert Lethler
Chair of the Assembly Party Committee Kai Roosevelt
James Marshall
Predecessor Office established
Kai Roosevelt as majority leader
National People's Assembly Member for Sanctia
Assumed office:
October 2, 2009
Predecessor Kenneth Maisano
Seat Sanctia-2 (50% of vote)
National People's Executive Commissioner for Internal Affairs
In office:
December 6, 2009 - January 6, 2010
President Kenneth Maisano
Premier Kai Roosevelt
James Marshall
Predecessor Carwyn Jenkins
Personal information
Born United Kingdom
Political party Erusian National Communist Party
Religion Atheist

Melissa Anderson is a hardline Communist politician and legislator currently serving as Executive Vice-Premier of the National People's Assembly, the first woman to hold the post, under incumbent Premier James Marshall. She is also the first and to date only Director of the United Front Work Department of the Erusian National Communist Party, a position that makes her the official leader of the Communist Party in the Assembly and the de facto Party Whip. Anderson has represented the constituency of Sanctia-2 in the Assembly since October 2nd 2009 when she successfully contested a by-election for the seat upon the resignation of its previous holder Kenneth Maisano, and currently serves as a Standing Member of the 4th Central Committee of the ENCP, being ranked ninth in the order of political precedence and power. She is one of five legislators serving on the Assembly's presiding body, the Standing Committee.