May Junkin

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May Junkin
Dame of the Pinangese Republic 
President of the Pinangese Republic
In office
15 March 2022 - 10 July 2022
Prime Ministers Joshua Braithewaite
Esty Carpentieri
Predecessor Esty Carpentieri
Successor Tobey Wyles
Chairwoman of the Senate of the Pinangese Republic 
In office
  4 February 2022 - 15 March 2022
President of the Republic Esty Carpentieri 
Predecessor Office established 
Successor Tobey Wyles (as chairman)
Senator for Larvotto
In office
31 December 2021 - 15 March 2022
President of the Republic Esty Carpentieri 
Predecessor Office established  
Successor Tobey Wyles
Speaker of the Constituent Assembly
In office
29 December 2021 - 31 January 2022
President  Esty Carpentieri
Predecessor Office established
Successor  Office abolished
Attorney for High Treason and Crimes againist the Republic
In office
29 November 2021 - 31 January 2022
President Esty Carpentieri
Predecessor Chris Link
Successor  Office abolished
Personal information
Born 16 June 2006 (2006-06-16) (age 18)
Citizenship   United States
Nationality  United States
Political party Liberal Party, Reason Party, Open PLD (March 2021-February 2022)

Independent (February 2022-November 2022)

Party for Reform and Democracy (November 2022-January 2023)

Party for Democracy and Socialism (January 2023-February 2023)

Moderate Party (March 2023-)

Occupation Student and Micronational Politician
Religion Calvinism 

Maybellene "May" Junkin is a Pinangese and Georgienstinian politician.


May was born on the 16th of June in 2006 in the city of Birmingham, Alabama. She lived for 11 years in one of the factory neighborhoods of the city, before her parents divorced in 2016. Following the divorce, her mom moved May and her brothers into her new husband's house north of the urban centre of Birmingham. Her father stayed in the neighborhood she was raised in.

In the summer of 2021, following her 15th birthday, May came out as transgender to her father. May's mother was very antagonistic towards any concept of queerness, including that of trans identities. In August 2021 May moved in with her father and broke off ties with her mother. She has been transitioning and living full-time as the woman she is since.

May is fluent in German and English, and was raised bilingual due to the largely German-expatriate community she was raised in. She plays trombone in her high school's marching band, and plays piano and guitar as well.

May self-identifies as a member of the Reformist church, but does not maintain a strong connection to the institution of the church itself. She pursues a more personal spiritual faith in the place of what she sees as a less authentic institutional faith.

Political views

It is not easy to determine May's political views, other then a few issues that she stresses. She is staunchly pacifist, pro-democracy, and against what she believes as pervasive government intervention into personal life, such as prohibition of substances, and regulation of a person's right to do whatever they please to themselves so long as it doesn't harm another. She also maintains a fierce opposition to authoritarian policies. Generally, she can be described as an egalitarian social libertarian.

She is very pro-market, and opposes unnecessary government intervention in the economy. However, she believes in economic egalitarianism, such that everyone has the ability to have equality in opportunity without government intervention in a perfect world. She believes that the State is justified in regulating the excesses of corporate greed within a free market. The market should function as a stage which puts no one above another—all economies require strong union presences and workers' rights, as well as strong anti-monopoly regulations.