Lucius Kenley

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His Excellency
Lucius Kenley, RC, CBC, MP, Esq.
2nd Chancellor of the Aristocracy
Assumed office:
February 15, 2009
Preceded by: Stiofán mac Gabha
1st Aristocrat MP for Noamh Alaois
Assumed office:
January 30, 2009 - February 15, 2009
Succeeded by: Matthew O'Sullivan, MP
Personal information
Born: 7 April 1991 (1991-04-07) (age 28)
Macronationality: Franco-Welsh
Micronationality Colerain
Political party Royalist League (unofficial)
Residence: Catair, Noamh Alaois

Lucius Maximilian Augustus Francis Leopold Mary Kenley, Esq. was born to a Welsh father and French mother in London on 7 April 1991. He immigrated to America in 1999 with his parents and siblings Mary Catherine (b. 1989), Mary Josephine (b. 1990) and brother Dafydd Louis (b. 1992), settling near Saint Louis, Missouri where he has maintained an official residence since. He first met then Tánsaite Seán mac Tómás Ó Catháin at a Jacobite gathering in Saint Louis in 2008. With the founding of the Kingdom of Coleraine in January of 2009, Seán, now Archduke of Noamh Séamus and heir apparent to the throne, advised Lucius to run for Parliament as Aristocratic candidate for the Duchy of Noamh Alaois. After being elected to Parliament he served as Landowning Leader in the House of Aristocrats. He was an instrumental voice in the writing of the Constitutional Clause describing the rights of the Landowning and Mercantile Classes. He was named Chancellor for the Aristocracy on 15 February 2009, following a brief scandal involving the previous chancellor, Stiofán mac Gabha.

The mac Gabha Affair and Chancellery Apointment

On 14 February 2009, St Valentine's Day, news broke of Chancellor mac Gabha's termination of his relationship with the Marchioness of Saint-Rosairie. He made a number of statements damning the Marchioness in public. In response the King threatened to exile mac Gabha for intolerable assault on both a member of the nobility and a dignified woman. mac Gabha soon created the Society of Republicans in protest of the Monarch's threats. He was suspended from his office on 15 February to await a tribunal within the House of Aristocrats. The House voted to appoint Lucius as Acting Chancellor. To avoid further controversy mac Gabha resigned on 15 February, naming Gerard Edward Howe, MP as the new leader of the Society of Republicans. On 15 February the House voted 7-6 in favour of appointing Lucius Chancellor of the Aristocracy. During his term as Chancellor he mantains his estate in Noamh Alaois, however he also resides at St Edmund House in Termontrinity, Noamh Séamus.

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Office Established 30 January 2009 - 15 February 2009 Matthew O'Sullivan, MP
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Office Established 30 January 2009 - 15 February 2009 Matthew O'Sullivan, MP
Preceded by: Chancellor of the Aristocracy Succeded by: [[File:|30x30px]]
Stiofán mac Gabha 15 February 2009 - Incumbent