List of political parties in Whestcorea

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This is a list of political parties in Whestcorea, both past and present.

Parties with Congressional representation

Current Whestcorean Congressional seats

Political Parties Congressional Seats
Party Party 7
House Party 2
Independent 1
Vacant 0

Current Whestcorean Congressional leadership

Position Congressman
Congressional Mememaster-General Horatio Eden (PP)
Speaker of the House Bob Christ (PP)

Parties with Senatorial representation

Current Whestcorean Senatorial seats

Political Parties Senatorial Seats
Party Party 5
Bachelors Party 4
Independent 4
Vacant 0

Current Whestcorean Senatorial leadership

Position Senator
Senatorial Mememaster-General James Reginald Frisch (PP)
Speaker of the Senate James Reginald Frisch (PP)
Deputy Speaker of the Senate Patrick Renwick (PP)
Subordinate Deputy Speaker of the Senate Vacant

The Congressional Mememaster-General also has a perpetual seat in the Senate.

Parties without federal representation

Political Parties Membership
Different Party 2
Bachelors Party 3
Birthday Party 3
Vacant 0

Former parties

Political Parties Dissolved
Majority Party 2016
Democratic Dictatorship Party 2016
Irresponsible Capitalist Party 2016