Different Party (Whestcorea)

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Different Party
Party LeaderRainbow Gordon Bennett
FoundedOctober 2015
HeadquartersRGS DB
Political positionLeft
Seats in the Whestcorean Congress
0 / 8

The Different Party of Whestcorea is a party in the Federal Republic of Whestcorea. It was founded in October 2015 following the rush of multi-partisanism in that month that accompanied the splintering of the Party Party. It is led by technical Whestcorean monarch Rainbow Gordon Bennett.


There has so far been one leadership election, though at the time of said election there was only one member of the Different Party, rendering Rainbow Gordon Bennett leader for the entire duration of the Party's existence:

# Name Took office Next election Duration Vote share
1 Rainbow Gordon Bennett October 2015 22 October 2015 Entire lifetime of the organization N/A



The Different Party is the only party now in existence that was not originally part of the Party Party. It was instead founded independently, originally on a Sinn Fein-esque platform of anti-establishmentarianism, with its leader, Rainbow Gordon Bennett, indicating that he would "throw bills into the chamber through the window". Since taking power, he has dissociated himself from this manner of legislative drafting, favouring instead the traditional method.

November federal election

The Different Party had two members prior to the election in November, its leader and one other. Both members got seats in the election, the Party achieving 40% of the votes, allowing Rainbow Gordon Bennett to oust the Majority Party's Shinmen no Genshin as Leader of Her Majesty The God Warrior's Most Loyal Opposition.

Opposition Week

The week of the 9th of November to the 15th of November 2015 was declared by Horatio Eden to be Opposition Week - on this week, the Opposition of the Congress would define the legislative agenda. Mr. Bennett's first piece of legislation was defeated by the government and subsequently hidden from the public remit due to its potential to cast disrepute on the Whestcorean government. The Leader of the Opposition has announced he will pursue further legislation in a similar vein.

January federal election

The election was a disaster for the Different Party, failing to get the minimum percentage of the vote required to attain a single seat. Rainbow Gordon Bennett was thus removed from his position as Leader of the Opposition and replaced by L.M. of the Democratic Dictatorship Party.