List of micronations in Illinois

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Below is a list of active, inactive, and defunct micronations in the US state of Illinois. Note that "N/A" is used when information is unclear or missing.

Map of Illinois

List of active micronations in Illinois

Flag State Capital Pop.
Flag of the Federal Union of Wegmat.svg Federal Union of Wegmat Two Pine 167
Flag of Kapreburg 2020.svg Empire of Kapreburg Charriot'sville 24
Rodentia.jpeg Empire of Rodentia Sunrise 53
Pucs.jpeg People's Union of Chaveleir Socialists Lostcow 21
State Flag of Krussia.png Republic of Krussia Krussberg 12
Holy Republic of FRID York 12
People's Republic of Adonia Longhorn 10
National Flag of Avalonia.png Republic of Avalonia City of Avalon 11

List of inactive micronations in Illinois