Carcinist Empire of Qwertyya

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Carcinist Empire of Qwertyya
Flag of Carcinist Empire of Qwertyya
Flag of Qwertyya. The Colors represent Deca Alexander I's sexualities, as the country was made for him.
Motto: "Why Not?"
Anthem: Trumpet Concerto (E Flat)
Official languagesEnglish
• Deca
Alexander I
• Estimate
CurrencyO'Nella Ruble

The Carcinist Empire of Qwertyya is a Theocratic micronation located in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Qwertyya follows the religion of Carcinism, which worships the Crab gods. In particular, Qwertyya worships Horseshoe, the God of life and fertility. Their ruler is referred to as the Deca, and the Deca holds Emperor like powers, with no legislative body. To counteract the powers of the Deca, the Deca must promise to respect a person's personal freedom, as personal freedom is a big part of Carcinism. It is currently ruled by Deca Alexander I, the nation's founder. It's capital and largest city is Nortonville, named after St. Norton of California.

The only laws are based on the "7 Tenets of Carcinism", which go as follows:

  1. Respect a person's choice
  2. Crabs are the perfect being, accept that
  3. Snitches get stitches
  4. Respect people's actions, unless they are hurting another
  5. Fight for Freedom
  6. Ego is the greatest danger to mankind
  7. All men are right in their own way, unless they believe in hate

If a Deca does not abide by the rules, a vote may be held to remove them from office and replace them with another. A position known as the "Pleocy" (Plea-oh-sigh, is responsible for determining if one breaks a law. The Grand Pleocy is respobsible for the Deca's trial if they are accused.

Qwertyya wishes to avoid needless conflicts, but will proudly fight for its allies if they see the war as justifiable. For the most part, however, Qwertyya chooses to stick to its own devices, and observes the actions of those around them before determining what they'll do.


Alexander I originally founded the nation as JoeBidenville, in hopes that United States President Joe Biden would be so flattered he'd recognize the country. The nation was made more like an organization, rather than a nation, and it would act as a place where people could do whatever they wanted without being judged. Soon, Alexander I realized how polarizing the name of JoeBidenville was, and thus changed it to Qwertyya. The name Qwertyya comes from nowhere, Alexander I simply thought it sounded funny. Along with the name change, Alexander I began federalizing the nation into a real country. Soon after these efforts, Alexander I would study the biology of Crabs extensively, where he learned of Carcinisation. Carcinisation is an occurrence where an animal (Usually a Crustacean) will evolve into a crab depite not being Crabs. This led Alexander I to come to the conclusion that Crabs were perfect beings, and thus gods.

Politics and Government

Qwertyya is ruled by the Deca, who acts as an Emperor but has very little actual powers to respect the rights of the people. The only other Government position is the Pleocy, who act as judges

Law and Order

Tattling on fellow citizens is heavily looked down upon, and can land the accuser in jail. The Pleocies act as judges determining whether an action was hurtful or not. The Grand Pleocy is the one in charge of the trials if the Deca is accused, and will make the final verdict. If the Deca is found guilty, a referendum on whether they shall be replaced or not.

Foreign Relations

Qwertyya recognizes all micronations, and also recognizes partially recognized states like Somaliland, Palestine, the Republic of China (As the official Chinese Government), and Kosovo. Qwertyya does not, however, recognize South Ossetia, Abkhazia, or Transnistria. And despite recognizing Palestine, Qwertyya supports Israel, and simply supports a two state solution. Deca Alexander I has stated that he will not be doing any business with countries that follow Satanism, saying: "Satanists are edgy egotistical assholes with no respect for others. Ego is the biggest danger to mankind, and so I will not support a country that follows a Religion so full of it."


The Qwert Armed Forces consists of the Lobster Guard, tasked with protecting the Deca, who is the commander of the guard. They have not been involved in any major wars.


The front of the One O'Nella Ruble Note

Qwertyya uses the O'Nella Ruble as its currency, and the money is minted in the capital of Nortonville. One O'Nella Ruble is equal to 20 cents in USD.