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City of Laurens
Flag of the City of Laurens.
Anthem: N/A
Official languagesEnglish,Rovani,Arabic
GovernmentFederal Constitutional Monarchy
• 2024 census
CurrencyPacuen (Pcu)

Laurens, officially the City of Laurens, is a city, the second biggest in Rovia, after it's capital, Karaz. It is located on the banks of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. It currently hosts the headquarters of the Laurens Brigade. It is home currently to 42% of Rovian citizens.


The city gets it's name from the Alexandrian neighborhood it borders, which is similarly spelled Loran (except that it is also written as Loran), an arabized version of the name Laurens. The neighborhood had gotten it's name from a French cigarette factory owner called Edouard Laurens, who decided to move into the area after he had opened his first factory in Egypt.